Partner with Chris

Are you looking for a health and fitness expert who also has experience in the media world?

110310_PearsonStudios_ChrisFreytag_0074When Chris believes in a product, she can’t help but tell people about it—especially if it helps people get fit and healthy. Combining her background in journalism with her experience as a certified fitness trainer for over 20 years, Chris has built her reputation as someone who walks her talk. She will only partner with a company or promote a product or service if she uses the product/service herself and believes in it wholeheartedly.

With extensive media coverage and experience, Chris has appeared onThe Today Show, in SUCCESS magazine, and is a regular guest on ShopHQ, and the NBC Minneapolis affiliate. She’s a contributing editor for Prevention magazine and a regular guest on numerous syndicated radio shows talking about healthy living.  Chris has appeared in numerous DVDs, TV segments, advertisements and live events, and has worked with many wellness companies on product launches, events and public relations.

Partner with Chris:

  • On air talent for your next TV campaign
  • A new image for your company or product
  • A new voice for your media advertising
  • A partner in your social media presence and outreach
  • A spokesperson for your next commercial product
  • A keynote speaker or emcee for your next event Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Product reviews and giveaways
  • Sponsored posts and links
  • Social media updates
  • Online advertising