Get Started with Clean Eating: A 14-Day Guide to Better Health – E-book

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“One of the few free choices a person has is what they will or will not eat.”

–Food Matters

  • Do you want to LOVE your body?
  • Change your relationship with food forever?
  • Lose weight and have more energy?
  • You can GET STARTED today!

Our relationships with food are powerful. We can make choices that support our health, fuel our energy and give us an edge on living a long life. Or we can make choices that ultimately weigh us down—physically, emotionally and energetically.


The choice is yours!

My Get Started with Clean Eating: 14-Day Guide to Better Health can change your life.

Learn everything you need to know about eating clean—from what to buy and what to avoid, to why eating clean can completely change your body from the inside out.

Discover how the choices you make in the kitchen can vastly improve your life and your body!

I’ve partnered up with Slender Kitchen to offer you two full weeks of healthy, delicious, and easy to make meals you are going to love.

If you are new to Clean Eating, you will be a well-versed expert after reading this guide. You will know what to shop for and have dozens of recipes to make for every meal. If you already eat clean, this 40-page guide will provide two weeks of outlined delicious, healthy meal plans and new recipes for every meal—including snacks and dessert!

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What is it?

My Get Started with Clean Eating: 14-Day Guide to Better Health is a 40-page E-guide that will walk you through how to eat clean step-by-step. PLUS, it includes two full weeks of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

This digital e-guide is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file that you can download to read on your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad or IPod Touch.

Why Clean Eating?

Clean eating doesn’t mean perfect eating.It doesn’t mean you will never consume another bag of chips or another brownie. It means you will make informed choices, knowing what foods are more ideal than others.

  • Find out how to fuel your body with smart decisions and nutritious food.
  • Invest in your health with your daily decisions about what you put into your body.
  • Perform better on the job, in your relationships, in your activities.
  • Be less tired and stressed, and more energized and focused.

Get Started with Clean Eating: 14-Day Guide to Better Health will help you lose weight and live a healthier life. This book is about starting you on a path to a healthier you. Get ready to unlock your new relationship with food.

Upon purchase of my Get Started with Clean Eating: 14-Day Guide to Better Health, it’s yours to keep—forever. You can follow the meal plan exactly or mix it up as you see fit. One thing is for sure, you will be on a new path to living a fitter, healthier and more vibrant life.

Buy today and you will receive my bonus ebook FREE—
10 Foods Not to Eat.

Purchase my comprehensive Clean Eating Guide today!


Here’s what’s included …

  • Finally understand easily and clearly what Clean Eating means and how to do it.
  • Know what foods to avoid.
  • Receive healthier and delicious alternatives to foods you love.
  • You will get two weeks of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus–all easy-to-make, delicious recipes.
  • You will get a complete grocery list and pantry list for each week’s meals–making it easy and simple for you!
  • Discover numerous snacks and desserts that support your health and your fitness goals!
  • Bonus content on exercise, workouts you can do and why meditation can help you stay focused.
  • Tips, inspiration and encouragement to get started.
  • Swapportunities! Healthy and delicious alternatives for foods you love!


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Note: This is a digital download… Nothing is MAILED to you. This is an instant download you will receive a link to immediately after purchasing.

This plan is designed to help with weight loss but weight loss is not guaranteed.The clean eating plan is a way you can eat permanently and it is not a diet. Clean eating is how I eat every day. In the words of the late French author, La Rochefoucauld,“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

Praise for Get Started with Clean Eating

I just want to say how much I love your eBook! I’ve lost 3 pounds in the first 6 days and my abs are finally making their debut! The clean eating guide is just what I needed to get my mind in the right place. The recipes are delicious, I am never overly hungry and in fact get full a lot quicker. I have a renewed appreciation for GOOD food and feel inspired to make every meal as “clean eating” as possible. It’s like I have my own personal trainer! Thanks Chris!”


I just read Chris’s 14 Day Clean Eating Guide, and am amazed at how much information is packed in this e-book. I’ve been a fitness instructor/trainer for over 8 years and found great NEW tips in these books. There is so much information inundating our society on different diets and what we need to EXCLUDE from them whether it be wheat, dairy etc.. I love Chris’s approach of eating a clean diet that can includes such a wide variety of foods. I especially love the vegetarian recipes as I’m trying to introduce more meatless meals into my families diet. With two young children & a picky husband its difficult to find recipes we all enjoy. These recipes ROCK! The Steel Cut Oatmeal Muffins, Hippie Hash, Red Beans and Rice Tacos and Pumpkin Chocolate Brownie Bites.. we are all full, happy and healthy! Thanks Chris!”


WOW – this is just what I needed – a kick in the butt to get started!! I’m down 3 pounds after week one! I’m motivated now that I better understand what’s going with food in my body. If there is one thing I’ve learned in week 1 – it’s healthy food tastes good, variety is possible and I don’t miss the junk at all! I almost feel like it’s too much food… but I’m not complaining! YUMMY – let’s go week 2!”


Clean eating has been a powerful tool for me. I have had diabetes for 24 years and although I have never increased my medication, I just could not seem to lower it even with vigorous daily exercise. Following the tips in the “Get Started With Clean Eating Guide” and making many of the recipes from the suggested meal plans along with daily exercise has enabled me to reduce my medication to one third of what I had been taking. I still go out for meals with family and friends but trying to order more “clean eating” foods. It is amazing to me that although I am eating things made with sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc. my blood sugar is staying in the normal range and I am taking less medication. Thank you Chris Freytag for your exercise DVDs and the Get Started With Clean Eating Guide!”


This Clean Eating Guide was my catalyst to change! It has completely changed how I feel about food and eating. I love the menu plan, not having to think about what I’m going to make and eat and if I will have enough calories for the day or too many. I saw weight loss in the first week… now I’m down 9.5 lbs in 27 days but that’s not the only difference I feel; I have more energy, my skin is clear, my moods are more regulated. I crave fruit instead of junk food! I don’t even want to put processed foods in my body. This is truly a new way of life for me! I am also only 10 lbs from my goal weight and I know continuing on with this way of life I will be there in no time! Thank you so much!!!”


Seriously… this was my jump start! I kind of thought I knew what to eat, but after reading this book it’s crystal clear and I wasn’t being as “healthy” as I thought. Just 6 days into clean eating and I’m a new person. I am eating raw vegetables and had forgotten I liked them. The recipes are delicious and easy—I have little kids so time is not on my side. I feel better in my jeans (they zip easier) and like I said it’s day 6. This is easy—why didn’t I start thinking and eating like this before? Oh yeah—Lasagna Cupcakes rock!


My son-in-law started eating breakfast; my husband started watching portion sizes; and our family has enjoyed the recipes from Slender Kitchen. I also love the Swapportunity Boxes! This book has solid content, helpful tips…everyone needs to know this stuff!!! Chris makes it easy to start down the path of clean eating!!”


Purchase my comprehensive Clean Eating Guide today!


Your health is all about choices. And you can choose to have more energy, greater mental clarity and physical ability by eating healthier food.

Create, design, author and direct your healthy lifestyle—starting today.

Purchase today and you will receive my bonus ebook FREE—10 Foods Not to Eat!


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Yours in Health,
Chris Freytag
Fitness expert, author, and public speaker

Get Started with Clean Eating: 14-Day Guide to Better Health is a 40-page downloadable digital e-guide. Please note: This digital e-guide is not available in hardcover. There are no returns, refunds or exceptions. Know this is a small investment with big benefits to your health.