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Walking Cardio ShapeUp has been wildly successful on ExerciseTV since its launch in 2008. ExerciseTV Celebrity Trainer, Chris Freytag, has been a champion of providing weight loss for all levels by providing easy to do, high-energy, cardiovascular workout routines that get anyone burning calories and seeing results.

Start with Walking Cardio Shape up to get your heart rate up and boost your metabolism. This workout is easy to do and easy to follow, but be prepared to work up a sweat. When you are comfortable, take it to the next level with Walk and Sculpt. This 40 minute workout infuses a higher level of lower body cardio with upper body weight training for a full body, fat blasting system.

We recommend 3-5 pound hand weights.


ExerciseTV celebrity trainer, Chris Freytag, has created a weight loss workout for all levels. On this DVD, you’ll find the best selling workout, Walking Cardio Shape Up and the new workout Walk and Sculpt. These workouts are the perfect combination of lower body cardio and upper body weight training for a full body, fat-blasting workout!

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