10 Best Houseplants To Improve Indoor Air Quality

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By: // July 22, 2015

The home is your precious space. You want to keep it visually spotless and tidy. Vacuuming, sweeping, dusting are the daily chores we perform to keep everything dirt-free and sparkling. One significant component that many forget to clean is the air you breathe within the home. The air we take in outdoors is unmanageable, but you can manage the freshness indoors. Chemical-based cleaners and air fresheners leave you with a perfumed atmosphere and don’t fight the many chemicals that come from things in your home like paint, detergents, or gases. It simply masks the problem. However, new sciences prove that having houseplants within your home improve the enclosed air quality. This infographic from Barratt Homes shows 10 plants that not only look lovely in your bedroom, but also remove toxic pollutants that can harm your body. All they need is water, sun, and your love!

Put down the spray bottle! These are the 10 Best Houseplants to Improve Air Quality!
Infographic Source: http://www.barratthomes.co.uk/library/10-Best-Houseplants-to-Improve-Indoor-Air-Quality/

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on August 27, 2015 at 5:35 AM Reply

With our Plant Pot "airy" those plants are up to 8 times more effektiv in cleaning your indoor air.

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