10 Steps to Make Your Halloween EEK-o-Friendly

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By: // October 17, 2011

Halloween is spooky by nature, but that doesn’t mean the holiday needs to scare the environment. Here are 10 tricks to make your Halloween EEK-o-Friendly!

1) Plan ahead to avoid last-minute shopping which often limits your choices.

2) When it comes to costumes and décor, reuse, borrow, swap, purchase used or do-it-yourself.

3) Treat bags can be anything! For extra fun, match the bag to the costume using something you already own. Here are some ideas: purses, flower pots (cover the hole), cloth sacks, backpacks or lunchboxes.

4) Choose healthier treats to hand out. Take baby steps with organic candy and honey sticks, two child-favored choices (honey is not recommended for children under two years of age).

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5) Choose fun treasures, instead of conventional sweets. Think of the treasures your child collects in her pockets pretty rocks, coins, etc.

6) If you’re throwing a party, avoid disposables including napkins, plates, cups, tablecloths and other décor.

7) Walk from house to house instead of driving.

8) Compost pumpkins and any other food, including leftover candy.

Halloween Pumpkins

After you’ve baked pumpkin seeds and carved a spooky face, remember to compost your pumpkins!

9) Collect candy wrappers and help your kids turn them into gift items like purses, bracelets and picture frames.

10) If you’re throwing a Halloween party, skip the candy bowl and caramel apples and make your own treats like pictured above: spooky ghosts with bananas and dark chocolate chips and cute pumpkins with clementines and celery!

Check out www.GreenHalloween.org often for hundreds of fun, fresh and more EEK-o-Friendly ideas.

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on November 18, 2014 at 2:44 AM Reply

I love eating all kinds of sweets and other unhealthy foods during the Holidays, and I also tend to get lazy, so staying fit is really hard for me when that time of the year comes. However, your advice really helped me to stay focused. Thanks! :)

    on November 21, 2014 at 4:46 PM Reply

    You are welcome!

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