12 Things You Can Do Now for a Healthier Summer

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By: // April 10, 2014

If you want to up your joy for the season of fun in the sun, here are 12 things you can do now for a healthier summer.  Get ready to boost your health and make your smile as bright as that summer sun!

1. Hydrate

Water flushes out toxins, aids in digestion and gives your skin that healthy summer glow. Squeeze some fresh lemons into your water for the added flavor and refreshing taste. Lemons also help your body absorb iron, so eat that spinach salad for lunch. And when you hydrate in the summer, water keeps you safe in the summer heat.

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2. Go for active, not perfect

You don’t have to feel perfect poolside. Feel proud of your active lifestyle. Go for health as your goal, not perfection. The best part about chasing healthy is it’s achievable. Get on a path to a healthier you—one that you can achieve in baby steps.

3. Choose healthier protein-based snacks

Make some hard-boiled eggs or have a handful of nuts readily available for when hunger strikes late afternoon. Protein snacks will satisfy your hunger and curb cravings. No more feeling badly after that late-afternoon chip-fest. Select one of my healthy smoothie recipes and add some protein powder to it! Delish!

4. Be in constant motion

Pay attention during the day and stay on your feet more than you sit down. People in constant motion burn more calories and that translates to a happier you on the scale. Try and get those 10,000 steps in a day even if you don’t go for a scheduled walk. It’s about five miles per day and it’s so good for your health—even if the 10,000 steps add up zig-zagging around your house.

5. Eat foods that rev up your metabolism

If you want to rev up your metabolism—your fat-burning engine—consume some of these metabolism boosting foods. Go for vegetables, brown rice, whole grains, coffee, black and green teas, peppers, cinnamon, ginger, garlic and vinegar. You want your body’s engine to be humming along so you can burn those calories, even at rest. Want to rev it up even more? Do strength training workouts. Here are some workouts you can do in 30 minutes! BONUS: Several of my workouts include cardio, too!

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6. Let yourself arrive by moving toward gratitude.

If you have achieved your goal weight and you still aren’t happy because you want to build more muscle, stop and appreciate what you have achieved. Let yourself arrive, or appreciate where you are right now. Spend some time glowing in your success before you move on to your next goal.

7. Work out like a trainer

If you want to increase your calories, work out like trainers do. Attend more than one workout class in a day, work out for more than one hour, take your intensity up a notch, or go for a combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight training. You will feel like a champion afterward. Check out my Exercise Library for ideas!

8. Sweat it out

Don’t coast through your workouts. If you have a choice in a class to do a move high intensity or use heavier weights, take it! If you can challenge yourself by taking on a hill outdoors, do it. Remind yourself during exercise that this is your one opportunity during the day to really burn the calories and feel proud when you finish. Push yourself a little bit and get that heart rate up. You didn’t come for easy, right?

9. Lay off sodium

Too much salt in your diet can make your body hold on to water. If you want to look your best for a summer outing or party, read labels and eliminate food high in sodium. By reducing the amount of processed foods you consume, you will naturally reduce your sodium intake. Keep in mind that many foods and condiments you wouldn’t expect have high levels of salt, so pay attention to labels.

10. Display your results

Whether it’s the pounds you have lost, how many times you worked out this week, a photo of a 5K you just walked or jogged, or a picture of you showing off results, display it to motivate you to keep it up! Display the active you to keep you active.

11. Don’t go out without your sunscreen

Sure you need your vitamin D, but more than ten minutes in the sun can do some damage if you don’t protect your skin. Slather up–and don’t forget your face, neck and your ears! Oh, and read our post: Is there such a thing as a healthy tan?

12. Focus on what you do like

Focus on what you like about yourself and your body instead of wishing you could be someone different. When you drop the notion of perfect from your mind and comparison to others, you just may discover you like more about yourself than you realized! Remember, the only person you are in competition with is YOU! Be better than you were yesterday!

Get ready to rock your summer with all of your healthy habits!


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