15-Minute Bodyweight Calorie Burner

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By: // November 12, 2015

We all have them. Those days that you desperately need a workout, but your schedule has spiraled out of control. It seems everything is working against you and finding that extra 30-45 minutes to exercise is just never going to happen. Well, your excuse has just been shattered. In 15 minutes you can get a full body routine, work harder and burn more calories than most 30 minute plans will ever provide! This 15-minute body weight-only plan is a super fast and effective way to fit exercise into an otherwise crazy day. It utilizes the AMRAP design: “As Many Rounds As Possible”. You’ll be given a list of four exercises that you go through as many times as possible in a 15-minute period. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be energized to take on the rest of that crazy day in front of you. So find some space, set your timer, and let’s go!

Below are four exercises that require just your bodyweight. Set your timer for 15 minutes and do as many rounds as possible until the timer goes off.

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Long Jump (5 Reps)

  1. Stand with feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, and hips pressed back like you are sitting on a tall stool.
  2. Swing your arms while you jump as far forward as you can, landing on both feet with knees soft and butt down.
  3. Shuffle backwards to where you started and repeat.  Perform 5 reps.

Wide To Narrow Push-Ups (6 Reps, for a total of 12 push ups)


  1. Start in regular plank position with hands below shoulders and perform a push up.
  2. Pull right arm in so hands are closer with elbows pulled close to ribs. Perform a tricep push-up. This is one rep.
  3. Reach right arm back out to starting position and perform another full push up.
  4. Pull left arm this time and repeat. This is 2 reps. Perform a total of 6 reps, or 12 total push-ups.

Prisoner Lunges (10 per leg, totaling 20 reps)


  1. Begin in standing position with feet hip-width apart and hands interlaced behind your head.
  2. Step right foot forward lowering both knees to a 90 degree angle
  3. Press through front foot firmly to push back to start position.
  4. Repeat with left foot. Perform 20 lunges/10 per leg.

Mountain Climbers (20 reps/10 per leg)


  1. Start in plank position with hands below shoulders and body in a straight line behind you.
  2. Contract your abdominals as you pull your knees to your chest one at a time in a “running” motion. Perform 20 reps/10 per knee.

(Back to the top and repeat until your timer goes off)

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on August 3, 2017 at 10:57 AM Reply

Very exciting. I love this workout.

on September 29, 2016 at 3:56 AM Reply

Need to loose more fat in the lower part of my body my tranverse oblique, my external oblique

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