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By: // March 19, 2015

I typically run away and cover my ears when I hear people talk about diets and the latest diet trends. Like Chris, I don’t believe in diets. One diet, however, got me thinking … Paleo. Not because I want to follow it as a diet, but because many of the back-to-the-basics principles of Paleo eating make good, healthy sense. (For those of you who don’t know, Paleo focuses on a diet of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, seafood, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.) I like the idea of keeping things simple and basic. I began to wonder about other prehistoric practices that were used back in the day, that can be used today to help us achieve a more healthy and balanced way of living.

As a full-time mom of four, a writer, part-time yoga instructor and active community volunteer, I understand the challenge that so many women face in finding the time to incorporate exercise and just plain old movement (other than turning the steering wheel) into our daily routines. Unfortunately, our society has made it way too easy for us to live a sedentary lifestyle—a far cry from the way of life of our strong, fit cavewomen sisters.

The numerous excuses for why we cannot get to the gym (too tired, too busy, or simply too unmotivated) take over our minds and end up making us feel defeated at the end of a busy day when we  did not get our behinds onto a treadmill. But my question to you is: Do you need to get to the gym in order to get your work out in every day?

Our Paleo sisters would indeed say No! You can Get Back to the Basics to Get Healthy!

a motivational poster that says: If plan A doesn't work there are 26 more letters

If you can’t exercise, you can move more!

Our Paleo sisters would say:

1. The world is your jungle gym! Get moving!

If you don’t get to the gym after work or on your lunch break, you don’t have to throw in the towel and have donuts for dinner, just get creative. There are all sorts of ways to move your body more, like simply standing more than sitting or taking more steps around your house. You may not think those steps zig-zagging around your house count as exercise, but they matter to your body. Every movement is a bonus.

2. Climb every mountain!

Pretend that elevators and escalators are only available for emergencies, and stairs are your new best friend. When you see an escalator next to a set of stairs, repeat this mantra: Don’t even think about it.

3. Walk. Everywhere. 

Parking spot wars are now a thing of the past. You are now the most gracious woman in the parking lot as you willingly give up that prime, close-in spot and rejoice in parking your car in the least coveted spot in order to take the longest possible walk from your car to your destination. Your FitBit will sing your praises! Are there other places you can walk to and skip the car altogether? Even more steps!

4. Move it or lose it!

Embrace any and all opportunities to MOVE; to be on your feet, to use your body.

Walk or jog the dog.

Walk to the mail box (as in: park your car in driveway or garage and walk to the mail box, do not drive up to it!)

Run upstairs to grab a science book for your son and run back down.

Take out the garbage.

Chop vegetables with a vengeance.

Stand up while folding laundry and throw in some squats.

Do some bodyweight exercises. 

Enjoy any and all sports with your kids and/or your partner/spouse/friends skating, skiing, snow shoeing, tennis, soccer, TAG!

Take a long walk instead of sitting at dinner and a movie for your date night with your hubby or night out with your girlfriend.

It is imperative that every now and then, you take yourself back to your prehistoric days when your body didn’t ache, creak or sag, and turn on your favorite album from high school (you know the one that really takes you back) and dance your Paleo heart out!

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