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By: // September 29, 2013

According to a report from Columbia University, one in five Americans dies from complications due to obesity. Fad diets don’t work. I always tell people not to diet and to change those letters around in the word diet and edit what you eat instead. Weight loss happens with a healthy lifestyle of clean eating and exercise. Not diets. It’s time to find sources to common-sense solutions. Through the mass of scam-diet websites, you can sift out some beneficial sites that act as tools for a healthy life. These websites can help support you in your journey. All you need is a reliable Internet provider and a few tips to stick to sensible science instead of hype. Here are a few of my top picks for healthy living:

1. The Harvard School of Public Health

The Harvard School of Public Health’s website offers a basic, common-sense approach to eating that is based on decades of scientific study. Their Healthy Eating Plate, which replaces the old Healthy Eating Pyramid, outlines what to eat for every meal in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Every school child in this country grew up knowing about the food pyramid, so the concept may seem old and out-of-date, but it’s based on solid science. While not flashy, it’s a proven plan that will allow you to take off weight and keep it off.

2. Eating Well

This large online magazine is dedicated to cooking and eating healthy foods. Thousands of people trust its articles, advice and views on healthy eating each month. You’ll find recipes, diet reviews, food news and tons of other health-related details. If you’re looking to lose weight, get rid of junk-food eating or simply raise the quality of your everyday meals, Eating Well is the ideal place to look.

3. Choose My Plate

The United States Department of Agriculture operates Choose My Plate which includes dozens of links to healthy eating resources, sound approaches to losing weight and myriad ways to prepare healthy food on a budget. Also included are sample menus, a recipe finder and even an email list so you can receive updates my email.

4. Cooking Light

If you love to cook and love to eat, Cooking Light can be a lifesaver. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean settling for boring meals, and this site has set out to prove it. They offer gourmet recipes that include lower fat and calorie counts as well as plenty of healthy ingredients. Restaurant quality food that you can make yourself, restaurant news, cooking tips, and healthy living information round out the material on this extensive site.

5. SparkPeople

This is an all-encompassing weight loss and healthy eating site that looks like an expensive member site, but is available at no cost. Their tools will tell you how many calories you should eat in a day, and their programs will record your weight, exercise and water intake. Exercise videos encourage you to work off the weight in a variety of ways, and the diets and sample menus prove that losing weight doesn’t have to be dull and boring.

6. NHS Choices

Based in the U.K., NHS Choices is a huge site that covers all aspects of diet, healthy eating and weight loss. They offer a highly detailed 12-week guide to making healthy lifestyle changes, tips on losing weight, advice on non-food rewards and other ways to motivate yourself during your weight loss journey, plus information on food safety, vegetarian diets and eating disorders.

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