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By: // October 29, 2014

If you want a successful life … achieving goals and having fulfilling relationships (however you define success) there’s one ingredient that can give you super powers to get there faster—your happiness. Yep, recent research shows happiness comes before success. Happier people are more likely to see possibilities, try new things, believe in themselves, and develop new skills. (Think of your happiness as your personal rocket fuel.) Shawn Achor, a happiness researcher and author has this cool definition of happiness: Happiness is the joy you feel striving to your potential. Don’t you just love that? If you want to get happier so you can fuel your success, try these seven things.

1. Write a reverse bucket list.

You are cool and you may not even know it. You’ve accomplished more than you think you have. You are an achiever, a mover and a shaker. How do I know all that about you? Every single person who sits down to write out a reverse bucket list is always super surprised by the results. Try it. Write down places you’ve traveled, goals you have hit, standout memories, things you are proud of and amazing experiences you’ve had. When you take a look at how awesome you are, it will motivate you to create more awesome in your life.

2. Take action.

Inaction can cause doubt, depression, overwhelm and apathy. All negative things. Choose action instead. Just take the next small step. Any action is better than inaction. Taking any step, even if it’s small can lead to a momentum of more action. And on days that are really rough, you can just breathe and ask yourself, “Okay, what’s next?” A tiny step in the right direction can do wonders for your mental state. Keep moving forward.


Be yourself. Always.

3. Embrace who you are to gain confidence. 

You are uniquely YOU, so wear it well. You define you. Who wants a world with copies anyway? Be authentic. Love your day at the salon or rock your make-up free style. Embrace your style, values and interests. When you fully own who you are and love it, confidence prevails. When you feel confident, you will be confident and most confident people I know are HAPPY.

4. Love your age.

Don’t get hung up on where you are at in life. Wisdom is a gift and it happens over time. At my age and place in life, I feel less worried about what people think of me, more confident in my decisions, and more understanding of myself. I am more tolerant of the differences of others in opinions and lifestyles, and I have less need to prove anything to the world. I notice the beauty in so many more things as I’ve aged, and I love that feeling. Whether you are 20 or 65, love your age and all of its benefits!

5. Control what you can control. 

You just can’t control what other people say and do. The better you get at not letting the words and actions of others impact your mood or state, the happier you will be. In every situation ask yourself: What can I control and what can I change? Decide not to let the negativity of others puncture your nice happy bubble. Not always easy, but always rewarding.

a group spin class

Get Happier by working out with friends.

6. Make exercise a happiness outlet.

You already know exercise is the gateway to those feel good endorphins, but when you add social time to your exercise routine, you can make it an even happier experience. Exercise doesn’t have to be a solo sport. Make exercise an outing with friends and family—a double deposit into your well-being.

7. Enjoy your own company.

Make sure your own mind is a friendly space to hang out. You have to be with yourself 24/7, so shouldn’t you enjoy your own company? If your internal dialogue is NOT positive, practice saying, “STOP!” when you think a negative thought and replace it with a positive thought. I know someone else who says, “Cancel, Cancel.” Practice choosing happier, positive thoughts and I guarantee you will feel happier too.

No matter what you want to achieve in your life, investing in your own happiness will increase the likelihood that you will create the life you desire.

P.S. Want more info on any of the above tips? Click on the tip itself for more helpful hints!

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