Beef-Free and Healthy Burgers That Will Blow Your Mind

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By: Chris Freytag, CPT // January 16, 2023

I thought it would be fun to showcase some beef-free burger options that are a little outside the bun, so to speak. These healthy burgers are unique, tasty, and cover a wide spectrum of flavors your taste buds will cheer for.

We aren’t bashing beef, but often beef burgers are higher in fat and calories. So whether you’re trying to watch your waistline or just want something different for your next BBQ you’ll love these recipes! From salmon, and turkey, to meatless, every partygoer will be wowed by these healthier selections.

My personal favorite is my Spicy Black Bean Burger! This low-cal, protein-packed flavor sensation has a great texture that even your pickiest “meat lover” guest will love.

Healthy Burger Recipes

Meatless Spicy Black Bean Burgers

A vegetarian option with a little kick! Who knew going meatless could be so tasty? I use a little pepper jack cheese in these burgers because it adds a nice hearty texture you can sink your teeth into.

Turn up the beet! This beet burger will have everyone asking for seconds at your next grill out!

Beet Burgers with Chipotle Aioli

Beet burgers have become one of my favorite healthy obsessions. I consider myself to be somewhat of an “expert” since I have tried and tasted so many. I mixed and matched several recipes and came up with this version that has a Mexican twist to it! Filled with fresh tasty ingredients you’ll love!

Dill Salmon Burgers

I love fresh salmon. It’s so tasty and packed with healthy fats like omega-3s crucial to good heart health. This light and delicious salmon burger is the perfect protein on a hot summer night!

Goat Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Tangy Peach BBQ Sauce

You have heard of a Juicy Lucy, this healthier version takes the cake! The delicious turkey burger is amazing with the gooey goat cheese stuffing, and the peach barbecue sauce is tangy, sweet, and to die for!

Chickpea Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers with Spiced Yogurt Sauce

These sweet potato and chickpea burgers have the perfect balance of savory and sweet. The quinoa adds a nice texture to these veggie patties, and I love the spiced yogurt sauce on top as a healthy swap for high-fat mayonnaise.


Once you try this healthy lentil and mushroom veggie burger recipe, you’ll never repurchase a store-bought veggie burger. These hearty veggie burgers have a nice nutty flavor, and I highly recommend a little goat cheese and arugula.

Some of these fantastic burgers may be outside your comfort zone, but getting healthy means making small changes that stick.

Maybe today it’s making that vegetarian spicy black bean burger, and next week you start to reduce your red meat consumption by participating in Meatless Monday!

Even small steps like moving more each day and trying new recipes help you become a healthier you!

What To Pair With Your Healthy Burgers

Make your BBQ a hit by including some of these other yummy recipes!

 Sassy Skinny Margaritas 

 Watermelon Mojitos 

Fennel Slaw

Healthy Guacamole

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