Annalicia Lynn

Annalicia Lynn is a yoga & Pilates instructor, health coach, writer, speaker, and founder of She is a health & fitness contributor to CBS Minnesota News, The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, ELITE DAILY, and Cameron Diaz’s Body Book Blog. Through her Free 21-Day Movement Challenge, Yoga & Pilates Online Membership program, and writings, Annalicia helps women across the globe transcend the fears, doubts, and excuses blocking them from the fit, healthy lifestyles they desire. With 10+ years of teaching experience and a life’s journey of lessons to share, she guides women on their path to achieving the lives & bodies they’ve always wanted - on terms rooted in deep self-understanding and self-care. For more from Annalicia, drop by and wave hello on Facebook and Instagram!

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In Annalicia’s free time, you’ll find her cooking dinner with friends, watching funny movies with her hubby, dancing in the kitchen, and taking long walks outside.

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