Amanda McGuire and Laura Sonnek

Amanda is a co-founder of #WORKITOUT100. She is a 27-year old Minnesota girl with a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. After spending a year teaching English in South Korea, she decided to take a break from educating and try a career in advertising. It’s been a huge learning experience and she’s enjoying the fresh start and new change.

Fitness has always been a huge part of her life, but was always an up-and-down roller coaster ride; either being all in or all out when it came to working out and eating healthy. She decided to commit 100-days to working out to see what her body could do in that amount of time. In the 100- days, she lost over 30 pounds, found a routine that worked for her that she could stick to for the long haul and just overall bettered her health and life. After the 100 days, it has turned into a lifestyle and Amanda continues to work out every day.

A little about me: Laura is a co-founder of #WORKITOUT100. She is a 25-year old Minnesota native who currently lives in North Dakota. She has her bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science and a master’s degree in Sports Administration. Laura works in collegiate athletics and loves every minute of it.

Athletics and fitness has always been very important to Laura. She comes from a family of runners so naturally running is something she enjoys most. Laura laced up her running shoes when she was about five years old and hasn’t given up that lifestyle yet. Laura is an aspiring yogi, SUPboard yogi dreamer (living in North Dakota makes that difficult), and loves weight lifting as well. Her ideal day would be a morning run, work during the day, then back to the gym for either yoga or weight lifting.

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