Name: Alexis Thom

Role: Food & Nutrition Editor

A little about me: I’m a graduate of Bethel University with a double major in Journalism and Communication Studies. Starting out my career in public relations, I came to the realization that healthy eating and wellness were true passion areas of mine and encouraging others to lead healthier lives was an automatic byproduct of that. My ideal Saturday morning entails a quick run with my husband followed by a trip to the farmers market and lunch at Good Earth. I’m mildly obsessed with dark chocolate and I could watch Food Network and Pride and Prejudice endlessly. My now husband used both food and Mr. Darcy in his proposal -- he truly knows the way to my heart.

Mi Familia: I’m the youngest of 4 girls and am lucky enough to have my entire family in the Twin Cities. I married my amazing husband, Ben in 2014 and we have now added a sweet little puggle puppy, Rue, to our family!

My workout of choice: Group classes, racquetball, tennis, or an outdoor run/walk with my husband - variety is key for me!

The five things always in my fridge: Almond butter, organic eggs, dark chocolate, goat and/or feta cheese, avocados

My fav fitness item: My Nike tennis shoes - they are bright orange and pink! favorite indulgence: Dark chocolate or homemade ice cream.

My go-to pump-up jam: “Warrior’ by Imagine Dragons

My favorite motivational quote: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates

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