The Best Lessons We Learned From Our Moms

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By: // April 30, 2014

The best mom lessons are as endless as a mom’s love. But if you had to share just a few of the best lessons from your mom, what would those lessons be? Here at Get Healthy U, we want to honor our moms this Mother’s Day by sharing the best lessons we learned from them. And we’d love to hear from you too, so share your best mom lessons in the comments section below.

Chris and Her Mom

Moms are amazing: here are the most important lessons we learned from ours.

Chris: My mom taught me to always be humble and treat others how you’d like to be treated. She pushed me to try hard and believe in myself…always telling me I was doing a great job. My mom is the one that really started me on the whole “positive attitude” thing…She encouraged me to find the good in people and nurture those you love.  She taught me the tricks of the kitchen and to enjoy meals as a family—unplugged from TVs (we had to turn off the Brady Bunch!)

 My mom is a true giver –her message has always been to volunteer when you can and share with others. And she is always open-minded accepting other people’s lives, traditions and problems. I am so thankful to continue to be inspired by someone as special as my mom and hope that I pass these values on to my kids too! 

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Shelby and Her Mom

Mom Lessons for Mother's Day

Shelby: There are LOTS of things my Mom taught me! My Mom worked very hard to help teach us to be nice to people and be aware that our words are powerful.  She reminded us to be aware of how our words can easily build each other up and be helpful or they can also hurt others if we don’t think before we speak. We were taught to ask ourselves:

Is it Kind?? Is it True?? Is it Necessary?? 

 If there is a YES to all three then it’s probably ok to say it and it might even be helpful to someone!  Say More of those things to build each other up! If not, it’s probably something you will regret and it could hurt someone. So just play it safe and skip it. Don’t get me wrong, there have been lots of times in life where I still said the wrong thing but WAY more times where I was REALLY thankful I ran it through my filter and decided not to say anything at all.  Thanks Mom for being such a great role model, and a loving person and friend and a FABULOUS mother!! Thanks for all you do!

Sandra and Her Moms

Mom Lessons for Mother's Day

Sandra: I consider myself fortunate to have two moms: my mom who adopted me when I was six-weeks old … and my birth mom who I found in my twenties. Both have taught me invaluable lessons.

My mom who raised me taught me the value of living in the moment. She loved to be silly and laugh. She loved music, beautiful scarves and baking. I learned by watching her be present and fully absorb the joy in the small things. Although my mom passed in 2008, her lesson to live in the now is with me daily.

My birth mom taught me about love, resilience and hope. She was just a teenager when I was put up for adoption and she never lost hope that I’d find her again someday. It was an incredibly painful experience for her and didn’t talk about it to anyone, but she always lit a candle on my Birthdays. I found her in 1996 (when I was 26) and we quickly became as close as mothers and daughters can be.

 Hannah and Her Mom

Mom Lessons for Mother's Day - Chris Freytag

Hannah: I’m lucky enough to be able to call my mom my best friend. We love spending Saturdays drinking Caribou, wandering Target aisles, and watching marathons on TLC (shout out to the Sister Wives!). My mom has taught me a lot in life, such as gummy bears make the best ice cream topping, you can never own too many pairs of shoes, and boys’ brains clearly don’t ever fully develop so don’t take their crap personally. But, my favorite and the most important lesson I’ve learned from my mom is to not take life or yourself too seriously. My mom is more laid back, and I’m more, how do I say this, constantly stressed out. She has been a wonderful example of how to stress less and smile more. She never goes a day without laughing and always finds the humor in situations. Her zest for life is contagious, and I’ve caught the bug! Thank you, Mom!

Kate and Her Mom

Mom Lessons for Mother's Day

Kate: The most valuable lesson my mother taught me is what love should feel like and how to show people that I care. It’s fine to tell someone that they are a priority, send a flowery card, or buy a gift. When you are truly present for someone, listen to what they have to say, & make sacrifices to bring them joy they will truly know you love them.  As a mother of two girls myself, I know that the time I spend with my girls will make them feel special and loved. Showing up for lunch as a surprise, leaving a small note in their backpack, or making a favorite meal when they have a tough day are small gestures that speak volumes. I always knew my mom cared about me and what I was feeling. She was a safe haven I could go to no matter how large or small my problem was, and she listened to me. I know at times the minutiae of my adolescence must have been boring, but she gave it 100% of her attention. As adults it is easy to get bogged down with commitments. We live in such a fast paced society. I try to remember those special things my mom did to brighten my days, and pass those on to my family. 

What are some of your best mom lessons? Share yours in the comments below! Let’s celebrate all the love and wisdom mom’s provide on this Mother’s Day!

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