Boredom Busting Track Workout #2

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By: // August 25, 2016

As a follow-up to our popular first version, welcome to Boredom Busting Track Workout #2! Combine this workout with Boredom Busting Track Workout and you’ve got a twice-per-week powerhouse workout plan! This workout goes beyond plain old running and provides you with a simple but powerful workout you can do at the track.

Whether waiting for your kids at soccer practice or hitting the track at sunrise before anyone else is there, there’s something about the track that makes it a naturally inspiring backdrop for a workout. Sometimes we forget that simple things like a set of stairs or an outdoor track can serve as all the equipment we need!

The workout below combines lower and higher intensity moves together, which allows you to push yourself and then catch your breath. Interval training like this helps you work smarter, not longer so you get an efficient workout done in 20-25 minutes. You will see the “long side” and the “short end” listed for each activity. The long side is the straight portion of the track where the 100-yard dash is run. The “short end” is the curve around the end.

A few directions:

A Temp Run is in between a jog and a run pushing you to breathe through your mouth but not be breathless. Consider this your cue to work “comfortably hard.”

Frog Jump has you starting in a low squat position, swinging your arms forward while you jump with both feet so they land at the same time, bringing you back to a low squat.

Now, let’s get running!

Beat workout boredom by doing this fun track workout!

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