The Ultimate Candy-Free Easter Basket

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By: // March 9, 2020

Hunting for an Easter Basket filled with goodies is such a fun activity kids look forward to! In fact, it’s estimated that American’s spend 2.2 billion dollars on Easter candy each year. WOW, that made my teeth hurt and the tooth fairy cringe. We love sweets too and definitely allow ourselves to indulge on occasion, but this year, we wanted to suggest some fantastic candy-free Easter basket ideas that your kids can actually use this spring and summer. From jump-ropes to coloring books, these ideas will encourage your kids to get outside and have some fun. PLUS, you get to avoid that sugar rush meltdown. This is a win-win Easter plan for parents and kids, so happy hunting!

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1. Easter Crafts 

Entertain the kids for hours with these Easter themed crafts. From bunnies to baskets, these ideas will keep your kiddos hopping and happy. Plus, they can help decorate for the festivities! 

2. Golden Egg Bath Bomb

We love everything from LUSH, and these Easter egg bath bombs are no different. Super adorable, and your kids will be excited about bath time with the golden glitter bomb filled with fresh scents. 

3. Coloring Books

Kids and adults love to color! Pick up a few coloring books and maybe some new markers or pens to go with it and let their creative juices run wild. 

4. Snorkel & Fin Set

Gear up for spring break with a new set of fins and snorkel. If you are not tropics bound, no fear, you will be set for the beach or pool this summer.

5. Legos

Every kid loves Legos. This Easter-themed lego kit it adorable and will provide some entertainment for the kiddos while the adults mingle.

6. Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Swap jelly beans for these organic fruit snacks made without artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup! The bunny shapes are adorable and they contain real fruit juice, so they make for a great compromise when your little ones crave candy but you want a healthier alternative.

7. Hula Hoop

Burn off that chocolate bunny sugar rush with a little Hula! Although this probably won’t fit in the basket, this is one of our top picks from the bunny. 

8. Lip Smackers Lip Balm

Re-live your Easter baskets of the past with some Lip Smackers lip balm. Kids always love the fun flavors, and they help keep those dry lips moisturized. 

9. Bike Helmet & Pads

Before you let the kids hit the road, safety first! Protect your kids with a solid helmet and pads for summer fun without any scrapes. 

10. Easter Bunny

Everybody loves a warm and fuzzy Easter bunny! These cute plush bunnies are so soft and sweet they will make even older kids hearts melt.

11. Ball and Glove Set

Time for spring training, so get out in the yard with the kids and play ball with this new glove set

12. Bunny and Carrot Utensils

Make eating those veggies a little more exciting with this bunny and carrot utensil set. This would be a really cute idea to add in an Easter basket, or to have at younger guests place settings for your Easter brunch or celebration.

13. Jump Rope

Jump rope is always fun and great exercise, but this LED jump rope really lights things up so the kids can jump into the night. 

14. Kite

Fill up the sky with a brightly colored kite for hours of entertainment and outdoor fun this spring. This is the gift that keeps on giving! 

15. Soccer Ball

Encourage that outdoor time and get your kids on the field with a new ball for soccer practice. 

16. Kids Gardening Starter Kit

Explore that green thumb with a starter gardening kit or butterfly garden for a fun spring activity your kids can watch grow! 

17. Books

Tap into those imaginations with a good book! Most kids will have a summer reading list to tackle soon, and a gift card is the perfect way to let them get lost in a book.

18. Sidewalk Chalk 

For a game of hopscotch or to draw a mural, sidewalk chalk is essential for spring and for under $3.00 this item is a must-have. 

19 Squirt Gun

Keep it cool and let the kids spray away outdoors. Squirt guns provide endless fun for kids and adults too. Did we mention how much energy you burn with a squirt gun war?

Now that we have the kids covered! Let’s get that menu taken care of. Check out our 6 healthy Easter recipes that are easy to make and taste amazing! 

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