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By: // January 1, 2014

Do you do a good amount of shaming yourself for over-indulging in sugar, alcohol and rich gooey foods—the stuff that leaves you lethargic and basically feeling overall crappy? Maybe you have fallen into some bad habits in the first half of the year and you want to start again. Clean eating is your fresh start!

And by the way, shame on you for shaming yourself! Did ‘ya read my LOVE YOUR BODY  post? If not, please do so now!

Okay,  so now that you realize shaming yourself and criticizing yourself will not accelerate your progress, lets talk about your health journey from a positive prescriptive.

If you are the consummate yo-yo dieter, don’t beat yourself up.  You didn’t fail your diets, diets failed you!!  Diets are dumb (oops that’s harsh!). What I mean is, diets set you up for failure.  They are restrictive, often complicated, full of rules and often leave you wanting to eat your left arm.  They screw with your metabolism and your mind.

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The best approach to eating healthy is EDUCATION.  Start understanding food. Start reading labels.  Start treating your body with respect and give your body the nutrients it needs.  Start planning and start caring about YOU and your family.

I have an eBook titled GET STARTED WITH CLEAN EATING that is a guidebook to learning to eat healthy.   It has advice, tips, swapportunities, factual information and best of all, it has 2 weeks of delicious yummy meals with a full pantry list and a grocery list.  All normal foods—no wacky ingredients that you have to ship in from overseas!  Read the testimonials from others and start your journey today:  P.S. There is a Vegetarian version also!

And for those of you feel like you need to reevaluate all the “f” words: food, fitness and fundamental mental strategies, I’ve got your back.  I have an eBook called GET STARTED WITH WEIGHT LOSS  that has more than 100 pages of the FAQ’s I’ve gotten over the last 20 years from people like you who want advice on exercise, nutrition, motivation, time management, mind-body exercise and more. Upon request from many of you, I included many of the things I do daily to live a healthy life. P.S. There is a great deal on Get Started With Weight Loss on a bundle package if you get both eBooks at once!

Let’s continue 2014 with a positive, smart and well thought-out plan.  I want to help you learn that being healthy is fun and fabulous!  I’d be thrilled if you would participate in my LOVE YOUR BODY campaign  and send a photo and/or a statement to me about why you LOVE YOUR BODY and my team will add it to this page.

I hope that we can stick together and take this journey toward healthy living with a positive frame of mind. My kids have spent their lives hearing me say this every morning  and so I say it to you too: Your glass is either half empty of half full and YOU make that choice!





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on January 2, 2014 at 10:09 AM Reply

Thanks for your inspiration Chris! With the beginning of the new year I can't help but recall how I felt three years ago, when I finally decided to take action. I waited until midway through the month to start weightwatchers, but am so glad I did. I lost 35 pounds over the course of a year and have kept it off for the last two years. In fact, now I am 4 and a half months pregnant and I am now back to my initial goal weight, several pounds below the healthy weight status for my height. I couldn't be healthier or happier. I've loved your video when I travel overseas and keeping up with your blog. In fact I firs found your video a few years prior, when I was living in Afghanistan. You are such an inspiration and offer such sound advise. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Miel

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