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By: // May 5, 2014

Traveling can really throw a wrench in your workout routine. Rather than a rendezvous with the gym after work, you indulge in sugary happy hour cocktails and savory, greasy appetizers. In the article “Five Ways to Love Your Job,” HCCMIS urges careerists to “challenge yourself daily” and “make sure you are constantly stimulated,” whether with new projects at work, personal opportunities, or new workout routines. With my crazy travel schedule, I know how tough it can be to squeeze in a workout when you are dashing off to meetings and appointments, but you can stick to your workouts if you set your mind to it. During your next business trip, challenge yourself to avoid those post-work drinks and eats by working out instead! Or if it’s really important for you to join your colleagues or clients for happy hour, make sure you find time in the morning to get your workout in to prepare for the lack of time later. Here are the best ways to get in exercise even during your busy trip:

Equipment-Free Exercises

Women’s Health magazine recommends exercises that will push your heart rate higher. No workout equipment is necessary, just motivation. Play an upbeat playlist on your smartphone and commit to 30 minutes of activity. In your hotel room, create a circuit routine full of pushups, sit ups, planks and lunges. Push-ups build strength, increase metabolism and improve the core. Pushups target triceps, biceps, the lower back, abdominal muscles and shoulders — using just your body. Increase the intensity of your pushups by elevating your feet.

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Fitness Bands

Fitness bands provide resistance for muscle toning and body sculpting. Plus, they’re easily portable, lightweight and versatile — choose a band that matches your level of fitness. Fitness bands create total-body workouts and work the arms, back, legs, butt and shoulders. Bands also help people stretch, which protects hamstrings, muscles and tendons from being injured during a workout. Bicep curls, triceps pullbacks and bend overs are band-friendly exercises.

• Target your shoulders by standing shoulder-width apart with your right leg slightly forward. Stand on the band with your left foot, hinge forward (back straight) and raise the band to shoulder height with your left hand. Switch feet and arms.

• Work triceps by stepping on the band with both feet and creating tension. Start with your hands at your side. While keeping your arm straight, lift it straight out in front of you. Perform reps with one arm, then the other.

• Tone glutes and hamstrings by standing on the band with both feet— shoulder-width apart and knees slightly apart. Hold each end of the band in both hands, step sideways and squat. Hold and then return to the starting position. Repeat.

Sits, Kicks, and Squats

Work your abdomen, thighs, butt and calves with wall sits. Put your back against a wall and sink down into a position that replicates sitting in a chair. Enjoy that burn. For donkey kicks, get on all fours and kick out with your leg as high as you can. Pull your leg back in and bring your knee to your chest. Lastly, squat. Engage in boot slappers, a squat variation. As described by, stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Once you squat down, slap your ankles and return to standing. To increase intensity, jump after slapping the sides of your ankles, rather than just standing back up.

Don’t lose momentum and stay disciplined during a business trip. Just 30 minutes of daily exercise can boost your energy levels and improve your mental capacity for those long work days and exhaustive meetings.

Get Healthy U TV, my online streaming workout membership program is also a great option! Several of my workouts do not require any equipment and you can stream it to any device. Plus, each workout packs a major punch in little time.

How do you stay active when you’re traveling for work? Share below!

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on April 23, 2014 at 12:15 PM Reply

I am gettig ready to go to a conference next month, and they are sending me emails about parties, food and drink. I was already committed to not attending the junk food fests, but was a bit worried about the exercise portion, I have been motivated to workout everyday, and want to keep the momentum going. This looks like just the ticket - I can bookmark this page and use it as a road map for a 30 minute workout. Mix that in with walking around the area and using the treadmill, and I should be good to go. I'm determined to come back from this conference slimmer, not bigger! Thanks Chris!

on July 16, 2013 at 12:14 AM Reply

I have no problem to find a motivation to workout on my business trip, but only for first three days. After that is hard, I'm getting lazy, start miss my family, exercises are last things about which I want to think. Trying to set my mind but in my case it is impossible.

on June 22, 2013 at 12:44 PM Reply

I agree, the hardest part is just doing it. Once you mentally commit that you are going to exercise, even if you are on the road, there really isn't a good excuse. Like you pointed out, you don't even need equipment, just the will. Good post.

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