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By: // January 7, 2016

Let’s be real: we all want to eat healthy, get in shape, and live our best lives. But we live in the real world, where there are plenty of things that get in the way of even the best intentions—namely, time and money. But here’s the thing: you don’t have to let money stop you from reaching your fitness goals. Eating better doesn’t have to be expensive, and neither does getting fit—which is why I created Get Healthy U TV.

While gym memberships are a great way to get in shape and enjoy the camaraderie of group fitness classes, they can come at a steep price. Finding a clean, well-run gym with updated equipment can cost a pretty penny—upwards of $500 a year. With so many ways to consume fitness these days, spending that much money doesn’t have to be a barrier. You shouldn’t have to feel like it’s a decision between your bank account and your health—I believe everyone should be able to afford to take care of their health with regular exercise.

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This belief was a major factor in launching Get Healthy U TV—our new online workout streaming service that allows you to workout with me at anytime, from any device, as much as you want for under $5 a month!

I created Get Healthy U TV for two reasons:

  1. Fitness is going digital. People of all ages want to do their workouts anywhere, anytime, on any device and DVD’s will be a thing of the past, and
  2. I truly have a passion to make fitness affordable and accessible to all women. It is part of our mission statement at Get Healthy U and part of what I stand for as a woman myself.

I have been in the health and fitness business for over 20 years. I talk to women online everyday who tell me they are struggling with finding the time and money to get into shape. They feel lost and need direction. And being a group fitness junkie myself, I’m an advocate of working out with someone else to keep you accountable…so why not have that person be me? As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, Pilates and yoga trained professional, I’m ready to workout with you and help you become your most fit self!

The price of a GHU TV membership is only $59 for the whole year ($4.92 a month)—a stark contrast to a gym membership—and you get all the variety of workouts and motivation you would get from belonging to a gym. Plus, the convenience of joining GHU TV is that you can stream workouts at home or on-the-go—whether you’re traveling, need to squeeze in a quick workout at work, or want to get it done before you even leave your house in the morning.

From cardio workouts to HIIT classes and every Pilates, yoga, and strength training program in between, you have every workout you need to get fit and stay motivated right at your fingertips. If you are a beginner, try Move to Lose or Walk & Tone to begin your journey. If you are looking for a kick-butt total body workout, try the POWER 20, Circuits in 6, or Slow Burn.

My whole team at Get Healthy U is about making realistic goals and setting ourselves up for success, and we want the same for you. If you want challenging workouts that are easy to find the time to fit in, then this is the membership service for you. If you want fitness that’s available to you wherever you are and no matter what your financial situation, joining Get Healthy U TV is one decision you’ll be happy you made.

Can’t wait to see you at our next workout!

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