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By: // December 10, 2015

Ever feel like your workouts aren’t producing the same results they used to? Or like you have to drag yourself to the gym when it used to be exciting? You’re not alone. Many people need a refresh and new information every now and then to upgrade their workout. So today, I’m bringing you 7 simple hacks to get you back to your pre-boredom days for some fun and effective new ways to get your workout on. But first, let’s address some reasons your workout may be suffering:

  • Growth Plateaus – You have suddenly stopped gaining muscle and/or fat loss has decreased.
  • Environmental Stress – Increasing stress in your family life or objects encompassing your life around your area.
  • Improper Diet – Not meeting your nutritional needs in congruence with your lifestyle.
  • Lack of Motivation – Motivation makes you want to train efficiently!

These listed reasons are quite common among people who workout, whether they are new, intermediate, or advanced in physical fitness. You can change these factors that affect your workout with the following simple hacks:

1. Change Your Workout Routine

One of the biggest issues with training is that people perform the same workout for months. This would be an easy answer to why your training may be suffering because your brain needs change. Once you perform the same workout routine continuously, your brain becomes less stimulated and loses interest. The end result is a lack of motivation and your muscles not responding like they used to.

Consider training at home or with an online community. Try switching up your workout routine; use dumbbells instead of the barbell or vice versa. Make slight changes to your workout and you’ll start to notice a difference in the way your body and brain respond.

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2. Take Care of Proper Nutrition

Your workout could be suffering because your nutrient intake is low. For example, people often go for a fat loss diet while increasing lean muscle mass, but never make adjustments to their diet when it’s worked for three months, but now doesn’t feel right. Instead, calculate your fitness level and ideal body weight based on height, weight, age etc. to determine calorie needs. as well.

If you’ve always wondered how to build muscle, it may come as a surprise to you that nutrients play a key role in supporting the changes in your body. More muscle requires more calories to improve strength and muscular development.

3. Bring a Water Source to the Gym

Many people rely on the water fountain at a gym for all their water needs, however during peak hours, they end up losing their spot for equipment. Water bottles keep this to a minimum, but also allow you to frequently sip on water throughout a training program instead of chugging a stomach full all at once.

4. Don’t Fear Equipment

You’ve most likely heard and read the “don’t use this” sentence in various articles while looking to improve your workout program, but I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t fear changing the equipment you use. Weight machines do not activate multiple joint usages such as compound lifts, but they encourage isolation to muscles and can prove to be useful.

People even state that free weights cause a lot of joint friction leading to future injuries, but there really is no such thing unless you overtrain (which could happen even with bodyweight exercises).

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5. Increase Sets and Change Your Reps

Repetitions and sets make a big difference when it comes to increasing your workout potential. People often perform one or two sets with high repetitions amounts and expect to see changes in their bodies. Sadly, your results will be short-lived since your body eventually needs more sets and fewer repetitions. This means you’ll need to use more weight, or further advance your exercise.

6. Change Your Workout Music

Music can help people stay motivated in the gym and drown out the world around them. However, motivation begins to decrease once songs and playlists have been listened to on a repeated basis. Try creating an entirely new workout playlist and see how well you perform with your new tunes.

7. Get Ideas from Fellow Gym Patrons

Lastly, why not upgrade your workout with information from experienced gym patrons? These people may know tips and tricks that nobody else does and the information can go a long way for your workout program. Plus, it’s always nice to make a new friend (spotting partner, maybe?)!

Your workout could easily be upgraded with these 7 hacks and luckily, they’re easy to implement into your daily training programs. Change a few of these things up and keep your training fresh to keep your motivation levels high. You can choose to make a difference with your training program; why not start now?

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