Eating Healthy But Not Losing Weight? 10 Things You May Be Doing Wrong


By: Chris Freytag, CPT // October 29, 2023

First thing’s first: If you are eating healthy, hopefully you’re feeling better! Getting rid of processed foods and feeding your body real nutrients is so important for your overall health. (So you’re already ahead of the game!)

But even though the quality of your food choices has improved, there are still several other reasons why you might not be losing weight despite eating healthy.

So, if you’re eating healthy but not losing weight, the following are 10 factors you may not be taking into consideration.

Calorie Intake

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Even healthy foods have calories, and quantity does matter!

You won’t lose weight if you consume more calories than your body needs. Make sure you’re in a calorie deficit — meaning, you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming.

Portion Sizes

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Even healthy foods can lead to weight gain if you’re eating large portions! Be mindful of portion sizes and try not to overeat, even if the food is healthy.

Hidden Calories

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Be aware of hidden calories in sauces, dressings, and other condiments. They can add up quickly and sabotage your weight loss efforts.


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While diet is crucial for weight loss, exercise also plays a significant role. Make sure you’re engaging in regular physical activity to burn extra calories and improve your overall fitness.

Medical Conditions

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Certain medical conditions, such as thyroid disorders or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), can make it harder to lose weight. If you suspect a medical condition might be hindering your progress, consult a healthcare professional.

Stress and Sleep

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Chronic stress and lack of sleep can interfere with your body’s ability to lose weight. Both can disrupt your hormones, making it harder to shed pounds.

Muscle Gain

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If you’re also exercising, you might be gaining muscle mass, which is denser than fat. This could make you leaner and healthier without a significant change in weight.

Water Retention

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Sometimes, your body retains water, especially if you’ve recently changed your diet or exercise routine. This can mask weight loss on the scale. It’s essential to look at trends over time rather than focusing on daily fluctuations.

Metabolic Rate

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Your metabolic rate, influenced by genetics and muscle mass, affects how many calories your body burns at rest. Some people naturally burn more calories than others.

Lack of Patience

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Weight loss takes time. It’s not always a linear process, and there will be periods where you might not see the scale move despite your efforts. Be patient and focus on overall health improvements.

In my 35 years of experience as a personal trainer and health coach, if you want to lose weight, tracking your calories and tracking your exercise minutes can be very eye-opening.  Stay the course — you didn’t gain the weight overnight, and you can’t lose it overnight either!

With persistence, patience, and hard work, you’ll reach your weight loss goals.

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