How To Do Stability Ball Squat

By: Chris Freytag, CPT

Chris Freytag demonstrating a squat holding a stability ball wearing black yoga pants and a blue top



Stability Ball Squat takes a basic squat to strengthen the glutes and leg muscles and adds holding the stability ball for spinal alignment and shoulder engagement. This is a unique exercise in the way it uses the ball. By holding the ball overhead and giving it a gentle press you engage core muscles, align your back and add some toning to your arms and shoulders.

If you learn how to do Stability Ball Squat you will be surprised at the difference the ball makes. Many people suffer from poor form when performing a squat. Leaning forward and bending your back is a common mistake. This can hurt your knees or your back and will not help strengthen your glutes at all. By holding the stability ball above your head you encourage your spine to stay long and it is easier to keep your weight on your heels where it belongs.

The stability ball is an awesome tool to have for your exercise routine. When you choose a ball you will want the circumference to match your body size. The taller and heavier you are, the bigger the ball. Generally speaking the rule of thumb is that those 5’4” and under use the smaller balls and those taller choose the larger balls. (Given the choice of two). But test it out before grabbing weights and starting actual movements.

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1) Stand with feet shoulder with apart and hold ball between hands above your head.

2) Sit hips down and back until knees are bent 90 degrees. Keep abdominals tight and knees behind toes.

3) Squeeze glutes to press back to standing position.

Targets: glutes, legs


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