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By: // July 12, 2021

Summer is a truly magical time (especially for those of us who live in the Minnesota or other cold-weather states!). And when it’s a beautiful day, nobody wants to be inside – and that includes working out! When the weather is nice, outdoor workouts are in order. So we’ve created a heart-pumping, fat-burning, and sweat-dripping driveway workout perfect for these occasions! No gym membership required. And who knows – your neighbors might just see what’s happening and ask if they can join in. This workout is designed circuit-style to perform without leaving your blacktop. You’ll move from one station to another getting a great combination of fat-burning cardio and muscle-building strength moves.

Equipment Required:

For this driveway workout, you will need a piece of chalk, a jump rope (optional), and something to time yourself with like a watch or phone. Music pumping from your car, house, or portable speaker probably wouldn’t hurt either!


Take 2 minutes to prepare your space for a more effective workout. You will need to set your jump rope out (you can pretend to jump rope if you don’t have one) and use your chalk to draw an agility ladder. The width of your driveway will make a good start and finish to the ladder. Just imagine an actual tall ladder laying down on your driveway – two long sides and about 10-12 segmented lines between them. Grab your timer and you are all set.


The Workout

This driveway workout is 15 or 30 minutes long, depending on how many rounds you choose to do. Below are 7 stations which you will perform for 2 minutes each with 15 seconds to transition in between stations. This will take you a total of 15 minutes and 30 seconds to complete one round. If you like longer workouts and are feeling good, go through the circuit twice for a solid 30-minute workout! Kids can join in too!

Station 1: Jump Rope

Use a real jump rope or pretend to hold one. Vary your foot patterns during the 2 minutes. Jump on two feet. Jump on one foot at a time. Jump side-to-side or front-to-back. Get creative! Now you have 15 seconds to move to station 2.

Hit the driveway for a fun and free sweaty workout!

Station 2: Walking Lunges

Start on the side of your driveway and perform walking lunges to the opposite side. Back pedal to where you started and go again. Continue for 2 minutes. Take 15 seconds to move to station 3.
Hit the driveway for a fun and free sweaty workout!

Station 3: Agility Ladder

You don’t have to be an athlete to perform! Just look at the boxes in the ladder and think about what you could do to work on your quickness. Try stepping “in, in, out, out” so both feet hit each square. Move sideways down the ladder with both feet going in each square. Try hopping with one foot in each square or straddle the ladder and jump one foot in at a time. There is no wrong here! Move on the ladder for 2 minutes then take 15 seconds to switch to station 4.

Hit the driveway for a fun and free sweaty workout!

Station 4: Push-Ups

That’s right. Good old push-ups. They appear in every workout, don’t they? That’s because they work. If you want to take it up a notch perform your push-ups down the agility ladder starting with each hand in its own square. Perform a push-up, then move each hand down a square. Continue until the end of the ladder then run back to the start and do it again! You will feel these the next day! Keep moving for 2 minutes then take 15 seconds to move to station 5.

Hit the driveway for a fun and free sweaty workout!

Station 5: Sideline Shuffles

Think basketball defense. Start on one side of the driveway in a low squat position and shuffle quickly to the other side. Touch the ground (or a cone!) with your outside hand, then shuffle back and continue this for 2 minutes! Burn some fat! Take 15 seconds to move to station 6.

Hit the driveway for a fun and free sweaty workout!

Station 6: Tricep Dips

If you don’t have a front step, plop yourself smack dab in the middle of the driveway and pump these babies out. If you can’t make it for 2 minutes, do it in sets of 5. Perform 5 dips, hold and count to 5, perform 5 more, hold arms up and count to 5. Continue for 2 minutes. You have 15 seconds to find your last station!

Hit the driveway for a fun and free sweaty workout!

Station 7: Sprints Up The Driveway

This one will be your grand finale! Start at the bottom of the driveway and sprint up to the top as fast as you can until you touch the garage. Walk or jog back to the bottom and do it again. I don’t care how short your driveway is, this one will kill you! Do this for 2 minutes.

Hit the driveway for a fun and free sweaty workout!

Once you’ve completed all 7 stations, take 2 minutes to catch your breath and get some water and then consider going through it one more time to complete a full 30-minute workout.

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on October 21, 2016 at 9:51 PM Reply

I'm all about keeping fit and healthy but there is something about the feel of an asphalt or concrete driveway and a good set of shoes to get you fired up to do a lot of workout routines. My buddy do a few sprints across my drive way and also set up areas for box jumps.

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