Why You Should Gain and Not Lose this Year

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By: // January 26, 2015

When you think one negative thought, our brains have a tendency to pile on. I can’t lose weight” can quickly turn into “I suck.” Not liking how you look in an outfit can go from, “I look horrible” to “I will never be happy with my body.” To prevent the negative pile on which can make you feel like crap (right?), you’ve got to flip the switch to the positive. Don’t focus on what you want to lose because it puts your brain on the negative train. Why sit around thinking about how you want to be different?  Instead of giving your weight the power to go negative or feel defeated, take action and consider what you will GAIN from your weight loss goal. 

GAIN new favorites and new energy.

When you make changes in how you eat, you can try new recipes and new foods. Score, you gain new favorites. You also quickly gain the knowledge that clean eating doesn’t have to be complicated. By eating real food and trying new things, you start to have more energy.  Case and point, my girlfriend got a juicer for Christmas and started juicing January 1st. She reports that she and her husband have this new found energy; are giddy about all the nutrients they are consuming; and are having fun making new combinations.  In addition, I post new recipes on GetHealthyU weekly. Many of the recipes I share are easy to make and many will soon become family favorites.

GAIN strength by challenging your body.

No more jiggle for you. Gain muscle strength by going to a muscle-building group fitness class, trying one of my Get Healthy U TV, my online workout streaming site, or by doing some bodyweight exercises. Gain strength by visiting my exercise library and trying some of the exercises. Gain strength in what you are capable of doing by ramping up your cardio and challenging your body consistently. Bonus: You will gain the internal strength of resilience. You gain by realizing you can do more than you thought you could. 

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GAIN self-respect.

Every time you break a promise to yourself, your self-image takes a hit. Gain self-respect by always matching your words and actions. Boom. Now you are a person of your word. Keep those promises to yourself. Make sure to be realistic about your goals. Allow for baby steps and be proud each milestone you reach. 

GAIN self-awareness.

When we allow ourselves to make choices without thinking, that’s when we can get into trouble. Shine a spotlight on your choices and keep yourself awake about every food decision you make by keeping a food journal. Self-awareness puts the ownership for your choices squarely on your shoulders and it can actually be empowering. P.S. Research shows that food journals work.

Why You Should Gain, Not Lose This Year

GAIN pride.

When you stick to your plan, take a moment to celebrate your commitment to your goals. Reward yourself with a health and fitness product, and with the awesome feeling of being someone who honors your commitments—even to yourself. Pride in yourself leads to better future decisions too.

GAIN flexibility.

Change up your fitness routine to keep your interest level up. Your body will gain the benefits from cross-training and you might gain a new workout you love. Oh, and you may gain some new friends too from trying out that new spin class.

GAIN a better night’s sleep.

People who exercise, are less stressed, have more energy during the day and sleep better at night. People who sleep better do everything better. Gain a better night’s sleep with your healthy lifestyle and gain a Zen-like attitude too.

GAIN more time with preparation.

When you schedule things, you don’t have to waste brain power weighing the pros and cons or figuring out if you will or if you won’t. Look at tomorrow and schedule exercise. Look at your week and plan for healthy food prep. Soon you will have a system for your healthier lifestyle that saves you time.

GAIN a social life.

It’s easy to go anti-social with your friends when life get crazy busy. Instead of waiting for your days to go calm, gain a social life by scheduling workout dates with friends. It’s two for one—investing in your relationships and your health at the same time.

If there is one reoccurring theme that everyone who hits their goal weight mentions, it is this: I never knew how losing weight would change me so much on the inside. You stand to gain so much from your journey. Step off the scale and step into your awesome new life by focusing on what you have to GAIN this year.

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