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By: // February 2, 2014

After I posted a picture of my new Lululemon gym bag on Instagram, I got requests to see its contents. Ask, and thou shall receive friends! Minus a few gum wrappers, clean socks (always carry an extra pair), and bobby pins galore, here is what I keep stashed inside:


Hair falling in my face during a workout is one of my biggest pet peeves, thus my headbands and I are connected at the hip. Not only do they keep my pesky bang hairs in control, they are a fun fashion statement. I’m in athletic wear all the time and cute, colorful headbands turn an outfit into an outfit. I love my Sweaty Bands (pictured above), Lululemon, Athleta, and Holdilocks  headbands. The more the merrier!

ASPIRE Sports Drink

If I have an early morning workout, I drink one of these guys about a half hour before and get that extra little wake up I need. Unlike other pre-workout drinks, ASPIRE has no junk in it: just electrolytes, antioxidants, and B vitamins. Plus, they’re only 35 calories. If your tank is empty or you’re on the go before the gym, this is definitely my recommendation over choosing mysterious blue drinks.


I always have a pair of earbuds tangled in my bag somewhere. I love to load up my favorite TV shows on my iPad to watch while I’m on the StepMill. Modern Family tends to distract me from my burning booty!

Chris Freytag's gym bag contents: Nike Lunar Glides, Helen of Troy Blow Comb, SweatyBandz, Aspire Energy Drink, Headphones, ponytails, Sugar Lipstick, iPod, Everlast Boxing Gloves, Kind Bars, BiPro Bottle and protein powder, cleansing wipes.


Goody Ouchless Ponytails

Let me count the number of ponytails floating around in my gym bag. Too many! The Goody Ouchless ones are my fav because they don’t snag my hair when I take them out. I always buy the brightest colors I can find!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Clear

Since Minnesota winters are brutal, I like to always have something on my lips to combat dryness! This glorious Sugar Lip Treatment instantly hydrates, adds a little shine, and tastes yummy. I especially like the SPF protection for when I take my workouts outside.


I’m a huge music lover, and since I’m a fitness instructor, you can bet I have a lot! To avoid draining battery and taking up memory on my iPhone, I use an iPod to store my playlists for my classes. Music is a mood changer no doubt and I update my iPod constantly with hot new tunes.  A good JT, Daft Punk, or Pitbull song pumps up my students and myself!

Everlast Evergel Weighted Gloves

I teach a kickboxing class, so a set of gloves is a constant in my bag. I like that these have removable 1-lb weights.  They help to burn calories, sculpt muscles and help you focus in on your punches. Oh, and they’re pink!


I’m obsessed. This bar never gets mushed or melted in my bag. At the moment, my current go-to is Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. Seriously delicious. Plus, I love that they are all the goodness and none of the badness. Only whole and healthy ingredients that I can pronounce!

Blender Bottle and BiPro Protein

Post-workout, I’m always reaching for my BiPro Protein. For easy on-the-go drinking, I throw it in a blender bottle and just add water from my gym’s drinking fountain. French Vanilla and Chocolate are my two favorite flavors!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes

If I don’t have time to shower at the gym, I use one of Body Shop wipes to quickly get the bacteria off my face. My body may be a little sweaty but at least my face feels fresh when I do a grocery or Target run on my way home.

Nike LunarGlide 5

I have a confession. I have six colors of these. Got to color coordinate my whole outfit, right? My LunarGlides are great for lateral motions and jumping when I’m teaching my studio classes. But here’s the real trick: Dr. Scholl’s inserts. They not only provide awesome arch support but instead of getting new shoes all the time, just get a fresh pair of inserts. I want to keep all of my colors for a VERY long time!

Helen of Troy Blow Comb

You ask what is a blow comb?? It’s a blow dryer with a round brush on the end. When my hair is wet or damp, I reach for this instead of my gym’s hairdryer. I love having a light curl in my hair, and a blow comb does the trick! My gym bag is a sad bag without my Helen.

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