8 Healthy Game Day Snacks

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By: // September 30, 2014

Fire up for football season! No matter who you are cheering for, we’re on your team with healthy game day recipes. We’ve got you covered with spicy snacks, crispy bites, and delicious dips! A typical game day calls for heavy and fattening recipes, leaving your body feeling defeated (even if your team won). Well, we’re calling a foul for the sake of your health. Try these awesome recipes and prove that you can beat those unhealthy blues and still get your snack on!

1) Healthy Baked Sweet and Spicy Wings

Just like a good plate of wings, we hope our favorite team brings the heat! These sweet and spicy wings pack the perfect punch and are lower in calories since they are baked not fried.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

PHOTO CREDIT: SlenderKitchen.com

2) Crispy Chipotle Potato Skins

Football season or not, potato skins are always a hit. This gooey, cheesy snack loaded with potassium and fiber is actually far healthier than you think so eat up!

Crispy Chipotle Potato Skins

PHOTO CREDIT: LaaLoosh.com

3) Taco Cupcakes

These delicious little cups of tacos are a fiesta for your taste buds. They look impressive but are actually quite easy to make and tough to keep on the table for long!

Taco Cupcakes

PHOTO CREDIT: EmilyBites.com

4) Quinoa Nachos

Nachos are a must-have at any game day party, but the empty calories that come along with it? Not so much. Instead, dig into this plate of delicious filled with quinoa, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, corn, and goat cheese.

Healthy Quinoa Nachos

PHOTO CREDIT: FitFoodieFinds.com

5) BBQ Cheddar Jalapeno Meatballs

Move over cocktail weenies! On game day, my boys go nuts for these chicken meatballs. Not only are they delicious, but I love that we are getting an extra health benefit with chicken in place of beef or pork!

BBQ Cheddar Jalapeno Chicken Meatballs

PHOTO CREDIT: SlenderKitchen.com

6) Quinoa Pizza Bites

Swap a slice for a bite. Quinoa is not an ingredient I would usually associate with pizza, but these much healthier quinoa pizza bites packed with protein have officially changed my mind!

Quinoa Pizza Bites

PHOTO CREDIT: ChocolateCoveredKatie.com

7) Roasted Red Pepper Goat Cheese Dip

This easy-to-make dip is a guaranteed touchdown in the tummy! The roasted red peppers add a smokey taste while Greek yogurt adds a nice tang. I like crunchy veggies, but baked chips or pita bread would be delicious dippers, too!

Roasted Red Pepper Goat Cheese Dip

PHOTO CREDIT: SlenderKitchen.com

8) Double Chocolate Guinness Brownies

Beer and desserts. Two things always required at a football party, right? Well, this chocolatey recipe combines the best of both worlds and keeps the ingredients on the healthier side!

Double Chocolate Guinness Brownies

PHOTO CREDIT: ChocolateCoveredKatie.com

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