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By: // November 5, 2013

On my Facebook page I asked: What’s the healthiest lifestyle change you’ve made this year? And happily I was flooded with lots of healthy answers! I was so excited to read all of the things people are doing to live a healthier lifestyle that I wanted to share the answers with all of YOU!

Use this list to get inspired, to know you aren’t alone, and to get a new idea. Share this list with a friend or family member or add your healthy lifestyle change in the comments section on my blog or Facebook page! Remember, joining a healthy community can give you the support and encouragement you need to live YOUR healthier life! So spread the healthy love!

• I make exercise a priority.

• Staying away from toxic people. I lost 15 pounds eliminating a degrading (ex!) boyfriend. I do cardio now three or four times a week.

• Consistently exercising.

• I gave up soda. If I want bubbles, I choose club soda.

• I run 5ks whenever I get the chance.

• Doubling my exercise time: I went from exercising three times a week to six!

• Eating unprocessed foods. I am down 34 pounds and only have nine more to go.

• I cut out almost all sugar.

• I recognized that I over-train so now I give myself recovery time.

• I started to exercise.

• I increase the number of jumping jacks I do each day. I am now up to more than 200!

• I moved to the Bahamas. It’s great for my mental health!

• I cut back on salt.

• I am on a Paleo diet and I love it.

• I gave up Cheetos.

• Downloaded MyFitnessPal app, started counting calories and watching portion sizes.

• I started figure skating again. It’s the best and most fun exercise I’ve had in a long time since I quit several years ago.

• Gluten free! It’s totally worth it.

• Walking.

• I quit my job that was giving me anxiety and causing panic attacks. Best choice ever!

• Kicked my four a day diet-Coke habit.

• Eat whole food only. No processed foods.

• I stopped smoking after 18 years. Smoke-free for one year now!

• Big change! I walk at least 12,000 steps each day.

• I now view fitness as a lifestyle and not a 30, 60 or 90-day program.

• I ran my first half marathon.

• I joined Weight Watchers and eat veggies and fruits every day.

• I started doing CrossFit.

• I watch everything I eat and exercise daily. I lost 40 pounds.

• I eat mostly organic.

• I gave up wheat about a month ago and I lost inches off my belly! I am in shock!

• I run. I do heated yoga and I work on eating clean.

• I take care of myself.

• I walk six miles five days a week.

• I move my body in some ways most days.

• I made the decision to get off my butt and get back in shape. I now have determination to do it even when I want to stay under covers and just hide.

• I started strength training. (Check out my HIIT Workouts for strength training and cardio combined!)

• I eat mostly organic foods.

• I graze less on snacks.

• I started taking Zumba with friends.

• I eat more fruits and veggies.

• I started to run and do your Prevention 3-2-1 circuit workout to keep my muscles toned and gradually increasing weights to increase intensity.

• I gave up Mountain Dew.

• I try and stay positive and focused. I do hot yoga, kickboxing and running.

• I avoid Fast Food.

• No processed foods or artificial sweeteners.

• I joined a gym.

• I use inspirational quotes for motivation: “Think well and you will live well.”

Do you have another healthy change planned for next year? It’s not too early to start thinking about the new year. I don’t want to rush the holidays because I love them, (and they always pass by too quickly) but there is nothing wrong with a little contemplation so you don’t wake up on January 1 wondering what’s next. It’s always better to have a plan! Tell me in the comments section of my blog! I’d love to hear from you!

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on November 28, 2013 at 10:46 PM Reply

Helpful tips, really, if we strictly follow these tips we can change our lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. I thank you that you shared these nice tips with us.

(This will help us personalize your experience so that you can get the best advice possible from us!)

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