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By: Chris Freytag, CPT // August 1, 2023

I think we can all agree that mexican food is delicious. It’s so full of vibrate flavors and spices. But when you’re trying to eat healthy you might think you have to give up taco Tuesdays.

Well fear not! I’ve roundup our most popular healthy mexican recipes that aren’t only delicious but also good for you!

There is no reason you have to miss out on your favorite flavors when you eat these healthy mexican foods, many of which are gluten free and packed with protein!


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    Healthy Mexican Recipes

    If you’re looking for some fresh new recipes to mix up your taco tuesday routine, try these healthy mexican recipes today!

    Healthy Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl

    Skip the long lines at Chipotle and make this healthy chipotle chicken bowl recipe at home! It takes about 30 minutes to make a lower calorie bowl at home and you can fully customize it with all your favorite toppings. 

    These chicken, rice and bean burritos can be thrown together in 20 minutes; are kid-friendly, freezer-friendly and just 300 calories per burrito!

    Quick & Easy Chicken, Bean & Rice Burrito with Avocado Lime Spread

    This Chicken, Bean and Rice Burrito recipe is the very definition of quick and easy thanks to a few simple shortcuts. We use leftover shredded chicken as well as Trader Joe’s frozen pre-cooked brown rice packets that we can pop in the microwave for a few minutes and have ready.

    healthy Mexican pizza topped with avocado on a sheet pan.

    Healthy Mexican Pizza (Taco Bell Copycat)

    The whole family will love this 25-minute homemade Mexican pizza recipe that is a healthier Taco Bell copycat! This lightened up vegetarian version of the classic features refried beans and extra veggies for more fiber and less fat.

    mahi mahi fish tacos garnished with slaw and cilantro on a sheet pan.

    Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

    The firm texture and mild flavor of mahi mahi makes it a delicious option for these healthy mahi mahi fish tacos that are layered with a simple but flavorful cilantro lime slaw. A 30-minute recipe that is perfect for your next taco night! 

    vegetarian black bean enchiladas topped with tomatoes and cilantro in a baking dish.

    Vegetarian Black Bean Enchiladas

    These vegetarian black bean enchiladas are filled with beans, roasted sweet potatoes, peppers, and cheese then drenched in a yummy red enchilada sauce. This healthy enchilada recipe is just as filling and delicious as a classic meat-based enchilada option. 

    healthy breakfast burrito wrapped in foil on a pink plate.

    Healthy Breakfast Burritos (Meal-Prep Friendly)

    If you are scrambling to find the time to make a healthy breakfast in the morning, meal-prep these healthy breakfast burritos on the weekend so you have something that you can quickly grab on the way out the door!

    Chicken Quesadilla Recipe (with Black Beans & Acorn Squash)

    It’s hard to not love a chicken quesadilla. It’s easy to put together and oh so comforting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pack a whole lot of nutrition if you just stick to the basic flour tortilla, cheese, and chicken. So we upgraded the traditional chicken quesadilla recipe and didn’t miss our chance to load in some

    Healthy Mexican Sides


    Guacamole is a daily OBSESSION at my house! Avocados are a great source of heart healthy fat, vitamins & fiber. I’m always dip carrots and red peppers in my guac for a filling but healthy snack. This guacamole recipe is a great choice instead of high fat dips and chips when entertaining.

    Make this healthy black bean and corn salsa recipe - perfect for chips or atop chicken!

    Black Bean and Corn Salsa

    This black bean and corn salsa recipe is one of my favorites!  I use it as a dip for healthy homemade tortilla chips, atop a bed of greens, in taco salads, and even as a side for fish or chicken. You can feel good about adding this salsa to any meal.

    Super healthy lunch or dinner loaded with protein, fiber and healthy fats, this quinoa bowl is a party in your mouth!

    Quinoa Fiesta Bowl

    I love dishes that can do double or even triple duty! This versatile Quinoa Fiesta Bowl recipe can make a great meatless meal (skip the ground turkey), side dish, or a salad depending on what I’m craving.

    This low-carb rice recipe is the perfect addition to any meal and provides so much nutrients! It is super easy to make and vegan friendly!

    Cauliflower Cilantro “Rice”

    Okay guys, this is my ultimate new staple food!  The cauliflower mimics the look and feel of real rice, while staying low carb and low cal.  Cilantro is one of my favorite herbs, and it’s loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.  

    Southwestern Sweet Pepper Nachos

    My  Southwestern Sweet Pepper Nachos are a delicious veggie filled appetizer to snack on! Packed with flavor you won’t feel like your missing out on the chips when you eat these. Plus this snack is low-carb, full of fiber and gut-busting protein! Great snack for watching your favorite team, or to have out when entertaining.

    What Else To Serve With These Healthy Mexican Food

    Try one of these delicious cocktails. They are less calories than the restaurant versions but you won’t have to sacrifice on flavor.

    Skinny margarita on the rocks in a glass

    Skinny Margarita (On The Rocks)

    A skinny margarita is the best alternative to the super-sized frozen margaritas commonly served at Mexican restaurants. A typical margarita can be well over 700 calories. And margarita mixes you buy pre-made are full of sugar and food coloring too. Instead, I like to make my own healthy margarita.

    This drink's simplicity is it's shining glory; low calorie and perfect for summer!

    Tequila Soda

    Don’t let its minimalism fool you—the best things come in simple packages! Our Tequila Soda recipe uses two simple ingredients, could not be easier to make, and is one of the best low calorie tequila drinks. Serve it up on good days, bad days, for a party of one or a company get-together.


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