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By: // August 28, 2014

When you are trying to lose weight, watch your weight or stay fit, you probably think you have to take a depressing pledge to snack-no-more. Well, I’ve got good news for you. You can snack. You can nosh. You can even eat nachos! You don’t have to sit alone sipping from your water bottle. All you need is a plate of healthy nachos! Yes you can!

Who doesn’t love a lingering night with a margarita and a plate of nachos? I’ve got two recipes for you that are just DELISH … Healthy Quinoa Nachos from my friends at Fit Foodie Finds and my Southwestern Sweet Pepper Nachos. With football season upon us, make one of these healthy nacho recipes as an appetizer to take to your football-watching party or just enjoy them at home. You won’t even feel like you are missing out on the chips! I promise.

Healthy Quinoa Nachos

Not all nachos are full of fat and calories. These nachos are a light and fresh version of traditional nachos–full of healthy ingredients!

Quinoa Nachos

Healthy Nachos

Southwestern Sweet Pepper Nachos

My Southwestern Sweet Pepper Nachos are so scrumptious. They stay crisp, they are perfect combo of sweet and salty, men dig ’em (and dig right in) and they are healthy nachos to nosh. Enjoy a plate of Southwestern Sweet Pepper Nachos!

Red Pepper Nachos

Red Pepper Nachos

Enjoy nachos for yourself, for entertaining, or just to trick the kids into eating more veggies. Now you can snack and be fit!  Yippee!

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