Healthy Products To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

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By: // December 30, 2020

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You’ve got resolutions, goals and oodles of motivation. Now, you just need a few extra tools to help make sure you stay on track and keep those resolutions rocking way past January! Where to start? Check out my favorite items that I use almost every day to stay healthy and fit, because like it or not, the New Year will be here sooner than you think!

Measuring Cups

Green Apple Pourfect 9-Piece Measuring Cups For A Healthy Kitchen on a white background. Eyeballing a half-cup serving size of ice cream can easily turn into a cup and then some. When you stop guesstimating your proportions and start measuring, you cut off a few calories here and there that add up big by the day’s end. I’ve had these Pourfect Measuring Cups in my kitchen for the last two years, and they’re still going strong. I measure out a serving of chips, a cup of frozen fruit in my smoothie, and my oats for Overnight Oats among many other things. Plus, I like that they pour perfectly with no spillage! (I have the green color – love them!)

Vitamin D Supplement

We love winter for its hot cocoa, snowballs, and sweater weather, but we don’t love winter’s short days and long nights. Why? The sun is extremely important for maintaining our body’s vitamin D levels which in turn improves our level of serotonin, a mood-boosting neurotransmitter! If you feel sluggish or tired, it could be low levels of Vitamin D. And yes, there are some foods that contain Vitamin D. But, if you aren’t drinking a lot of milk or eating lots of fresh water fish, you may want to make sure to add a Vitamin D supplement to your daily vitamins to beat the winter blues, like this one from Trader Joe’s!

Massage Stick

A woman rolling a Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller onto her back. Since working out is a key player in the weight loss game, it’s a bummer when you’re stuck on the couch because of soreness and tightness. Instead of crossing your fingers that the aches go away by tomorrow’s boot camp class, grab this Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller and give your self a full-body rubdown that increases circulation and reduces muscle soreness. I’ve traveled with my massage stick for the last few years. It also fits easily in a gym bag for a quick post-workout massage in the locker room or stretching area!

Water Bottle


Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle in Mint Green color If you’ve swapped your daily can of Coke for a glass of water, you would save 51,000 calories a year. That’s about 12 pounds, folks. Make this little change a reality by always having a water bottle at your side, at your desk, in your car, in your gym bag…you get the picture. Don’t leave that baby behind! I’m personally attached at the hip to my Lifefactory Glass Bottle. I love that it is made of BPA-free materials, has a handle for easy carrying, and comes in a rainbow of colors. And don’t forget, you are doing the landfills a favor by having a reusable water bottle. I never imagined when I was little that we’d all be paying for our drinking water and now approximately 50 billion bottles of water are being bought each year, with 80 percent ending up in a landfill even though recycling programs exist.

The 10-Minute Rule

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We all have those days that we just don’t want to workout. But, if you say, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” chances are that “tomorrow” will turn into next week and next week will turn into next month. To avoid this slippery slope of skipped workouts, make yourself put on your tennis shoes and move for just 10 minutes. After 10 minutes if you still don’t want to workout, stop. You burned calories! If you want to keep going, which chances are you will, then go for another 10 minutes. My online membership-based streaming service, Get Healthy U TV means you can workout anytime, anywhere to a variety of workouts from yoga to cardio to strength and several of them are just 10 minutes! Do one 10-minute workout when you’re not feeling it and go for longer on days you are ready to kill it!

Fun and Functional Workout Clothes

Fit and Functional Workout Clothes from Nike and Athleta on three models Let’s face it. When you look good, you feel good. Feel good (and get motivated!) at the gym with a few new pieces of workout gear in your collection for the new year. There are so many new technical fabrics that wick your sweat; new styles that hide muffin tops; and bright colors and patterns that are fun. All body types can rock the styles out there now so come on girlfriends and embrace a new outfit or two.

Stability Ball

SPRI Stability Ball in red on white background If you don’t have a stability ball, it’s time to get one. Keep one at your office to sit on for half of the day (or the full day if you can!) to challenge your balance and core while you’re typing away and keep one at home to do a workout when you don’t have time to go to the gym. I’ve demonstrated all the exercises you can do here with just this big bouncy ball! You’ll be surprised at all the muscles you can work with this one tool.

Activity Tracker Apple Watch

Activity trackers have been hot for a few years and are not going anywhere anytime soon! One of my favorites is the Apple Watch. If you sit too long, your wrist will remind you to move. It monitors your sleeps and reports back with data on how your night went. Oh, and your steps, exercise, calories burned, and food can also be tracked or logged. Basically, a personal trainer on your wrist helping you conquer your New Year’s resolutions!


Tone Fitness 20 lb Dumbbell Weight Set Dumbbells stashed under your bed or behind a couch are super handy to whip out whenever want to do strength training. Do I need to remind you the benefits of strength training for your metabolism? Muscle burns more calories at a resting heart rate than body fat does. More muscle, more calories burned every day. The word “skinny” is so old school. Today, it’s about being “strong!” Body weight exercises are great, but sometimes it’s good to try adding a little external resistance as well. Do bicep curls and tricep dips during your favorite TV shows or make a pact to do five minutes of lunges and squats while holding the weights every other day. Little bouts of activity in between your normally scheduled workouts will add up big. If you’re just getting started with fitness, these Tone Fitness dumbbells are the perfect set for home! If you need something heavier, check out your local sporting goods store.

You’ve seen my healthy picks…what tools am I missing that you love? Share below!

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