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By: // July 20, 2015

Do you limit yourself? If you feel like you aren’t living to your true potential out of fear or a lack of faith in your own abilities, we are here to help you change and become unstoppable. Here at Get Healthy U, we love to inspire. So when we saw this incredible inspirational campaign from Always, we had to share it with you. A majority of young girls say that society limits them with negative messages and programming and these girls are ready to rewrite the rules and become unstoppable. We love it!

As a young girl, did you ever believe societal messages that you were weak, can’t play sports, or have to be rescued (fairy-tale style) by men? Maybe you got the message that you are supposed to behave a certain way or hide your emotions so you aren’t slapped with the label “too emotional.” If you were influenced from society, a difficult past, or a critical person in your life, get ready to break through all of that negative garbage and become unstoppable. Get ready to really embrace you, fabulous YOU.

Let’s rewrite the rules on what it means to be a girl. #Likeagirl

Show yourself you are strong.

Every time you take on a new challenge, face a new fear, do something you didn’t think you could do, you are making giant positive deposits in the bank of: I am strong. I bet you could make a list right now of times in your life when you displayed incredible strength. Think of those times when you start to doubt yourself and power through by remembering your strong moments. Build up your mental resilience by noticing you are strong and reminding yourself every once in a while. Build up your physical resilience with all of those strength training moves and cardio workouts I know you are doing. There’s something about a strong body that makes you feel mentally strong. Yes, you are strong, #likeagirl.

 Rescue yourself.

Prince charming may show up, but you don’t need him. You don’t need anyone to validate you or save you. This is your one and only life and you get to own it. We know you are strong, whole and will become who you are meant to be … all by yourself. Reject any notion that you need someone else to give you the stamp of approval or to complete you. You are the whole dang story my friend.

Don’t hold back.

We’ve all got fears. The point isn’t to try to live fear-free, the point is to live despite fears. Fears aren’t a sign that you shouldn’t try something, and that you should hold back and hide. Fear is just a temporary emotion that vanishes when you do the very thing that scares you. Just say, “I am scared but I am doing it anyway.” Amazing things await you on the other side of your fear.

Own who you are.

We aren’t all meant to be the same person. That’s what makes people so fascinating. Research shows us that one of the top regrets of the dying is that they didn’t own who they were and instead became what they thought others wanted them to be. Be who you are screaming to be. It’s your life after all. Don’t hold back.

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Don’t give up, just get better.

If you aren’t good at something, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. Practice is what makes us better. Don’t use perfection as your compass, use progress. Believe in yourself, do what you love and work hard. Your confidence will follow.

How are you unstoppable?

Share your stories of how you are an unstoppable woman with us below using the hashtag #likeagirl. Make it your daily practice to say: I am unstoppable. You really are.

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