How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

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By: // September 10, 2015

Have you ever wondered how to find your life’s purpose? Well, take heart because you are not alone. If you feel confused on what you are meant to be or do,  your natural strengths can help guide you! Your natural strengths and abilities are your compass to your life’s purpose.  Can you list your character strengths? If not, we’ve got you covered with this awesome infographic from our friends at Happify. Check it out first and then come back here to take Happify’s Quiz identifying your top character strengths. Oh, and answer these questions below. They can help you uncover your life purpose too.

Helpful Tips For Finding Your Life’s Purpose

  • What are you doing when you lose track of time?
  • What did you love doing as a child?
  • What would you do even if you weren’t paid to do it?
  • What are you doing when you are the happiest?
  • What do other people say you are really good at?
  • What do you need to do so you don’t have any regrets at the end of your life?




You can find your life's purpose by tapping into your character strengths.

ClickHere to learn more about Happify, a website and app dedicated to building happiness skills through scientifically designed activities and games.


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