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By: // June 18, 2015

My job is awesome. One minute I’ll be researching the best butt exercises to beat sag, and the next minute my boss (Hi Chris!) hands me a metallic gold bag and says go on an “Exotic Escape.” Huh? We live in Minnesota and there are no palm trees or cabanas in sight. But a job is a job and you don’t have to tell me twice to leave work early.

The metallic gold bag is actually an Exotic Escape Kit from Nestlé® Pure Life® Exotics™ sparkling water (which you can win!), and the brand challenged Get Healthy U to use the kit as an inspiration to turn an everyday occasion into something exotic just like its sparkling water. For me, an (almost) everyday occasion is yoga. I’m not a professional yogi by any means. I fall over a lot. But I love it. However, I’ve never done yoga without the instruction of a teacher. So with this challenge, I decided that today was the today I’d get a little zesty with my yoga practice and go it alone.

Here's how to turn any day into an exotic escape! #MyExoticEscape #ad

All the goodies in the Exotic Escape Kit!

Now where to get my exotic ohm on? Even though Nestlé® Pure Life® Exotics™ sparkling water comes in four flavors—Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Mango Peach Pineapple, Tangerine, and Key Lime—I was inspired to choose my impromptu yoga location from the Key Lime because it reminded me of my recent trip to Florida. So I headed to the closest thing Minnesota has to an ocean – a lake! But first, I needed to bribe my boyfriend into taking pictures (I’ll give you a can of the Mango Peach Pineapple), and then we kicked off the Exotic Escape by bike.

Here's how to turn any day into an exotic escape! #MyExoticEscape #ad

The bag is actually a cooler that I decided to convert into the best yoga bag ever! Umm, my sparkling water and snacks stay cool, and it fits my mat? Boom. Day made.

I set up shop on the beach (i.e. unrolled my yoga mat and turned on some music) and then flowed through about 15 minutes of sun salutations and warrior sequences. I was surprised by how my body took on a life of its own and did the flow without me really needing to think about the next pose. Go body! After the “serious” yoga stuff, I messed around with my favorite fun poses like wheel and headstand for a bit and then things got interesting. I’ve always wanted to try acroyoga, and since I’ve already roped my boyfriend into my Exotic Escape, today was the day. We looked at a few poses online, but you can see from the pictures that we mostly just succeeded at airplaning with a selfie stick. Oops.

Here's how to turn any day into an exotic escape! #MyExoticEscape #ad

Here's how to turn any day into an exotic escape! #MyExoticEscape #ad

After I worked up a good sweat on my mat and in the air, I was excited to actually try Nestlé® Pure Life® Exotics™ sparkling waters for the first time. Being a health and fitness writer, I admittedly do a pretty crappy job at drinking water. I get most liquids from coffee and maybe a water bottle’s worth of water a day. Not good. Not good at all. So what did I think? The best word I can think of is “pizazz-y.” Not actually a real word but you definitely get that punch of refreshing flavor, so I think the word is perfect. Even before taking a sip, I liked that the drinks have zero-calories and no artificial colors or sweeteners. If you’re a soda drinker, I think this would make a great swap because you still get that sweet bubbliness but without the added junk. I honestly liked all four flavors, but sadly enough, the one sip I got out of the Mango Peach Pineapple I promised to my boyfriend was my favorite sip. Lesson learned. Should’ve hoarded them all to myself.

Here's how to turn any day into an exotic escape! #MyExoticEscape #ad

These are the legit pictures of my first sip. I think it got shook up in my bag during the bike ride, but I recovered smoothly.

After my middle-of-the-day mandatory Exotic Escape, I’ve officially decided that I need to escape more often. I only live five minutes from that lake, but I’ve never done yoga on the beach or even just sat and relaxed there. I’m always “busy, busy, busy,” or so I say. Today, I got to move my body, laugh, and relax with a cold drink in the fresh air. Yes, it was only 30 minutes, but I rolled up my yoga mat feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to rock and roll for the rest of my day.

Here’s my takeaway. Mandatory Exotic Escapes should be mandatory for everyone! We all need to make time to escape mentally or physically from the routine of everyday life. That could mean turning your lunch break into a mini-walking adventure in a park, relaxing in a candle lit bubble bath instead of a shower, or going with your significant other to an acroyoga class for a date instead of your normal Netflix night-in. Just remember to take Nestlé® Pure Life® Exotics™ sparkling water on your next escape to help turn the “exotic” notch up even more!

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