Kick-Butt Elliptical Interval Workout

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By: Kim Pieper, CPT // November 6, 2015

The elliptical machine: a simple, low-impact way to get an indoor workout.  If you are the person who heads straight to this machine as a workout of choice, then you know that as good as it might be, 30-45 minutes on this baby can seem like an eternity. Likely you get through it by trying to read, watch tv or listen to the best playlist you can find. You’re willing to stick it out, though, in order to burn as many calories as you can, right? So what if there was a way to make the time go by more quickly and burn MORE calories in the process? That’s what this Elliptical Interval Workout is all about. By strategically changing the resistance, speed, and effort level, you become more focused on your workout and the one-minute high intensity intervals give you a butt-kicking challenge that will torch those calories right off your backside!

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Simply follow the chart below and, for each increment of time, use the given resistance and strides per minute listed to change your effort throughout the 45-minute time frame. Once warmed up, you will vary between 3-minute moderate work loads with 1 minute high intensity intervals—times when you should really PUSH IT! The key to the effectiveness of the interval is that you work hard enough to breathe through your mouth and feel the need to catch your breath by the end.

Print off this free elliptical interval training guideline to intensify your next gym workout.


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