Maybe This Will Convince You To Meditate

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By: // August 25, 2015

There are some things you have to experience yourself before you are sold on the experience. Meditation is one of those things. Some of you probably want to meditate but you think: Who has the time? Or you fall in camp skeptical, thinking it’s only for people who are a little out there. Let me tell you this: Meditation is for you. You just have to try it to see all the benefits for yourself. I can talk to you about the benefits of meditation all day long (increased clarity, improved mood, increased focus, less stress, boosted immunity, more compassion, improved health, less depression) but you are going to have to try it to really believe me. Meditation works. Check out this awesome infographic from Happify and let it convince you to meditate!

The Skeptics Guide To Meditation from Happify

Maybe this will convince you to meditate.

Happify’s Meditation Infographic

Learn more about Happify, a website and app dedicated to building happiness skills through scientifically designed activities and games.

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