My 7 Favorite Things About Fall

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By: // October 24, 2014

It’s no secret…I am in love with fall. The crunch of leaves under my feet, the fabulous sweater weather (no winter coats yet), and the sights, smells of fall! October is my FAV month, so I just had to put together my 7 favorite things about fall.

1. Fall color is beautiful! Seriously! Who doesn’t love the beautiful orange, yellow and red colors of fall? I love the crisp in the air, the smell of the leaves and the gorgeous colors. Fall is energizing and beautiful to step outdoors. Make sure you take time to notice fall and be present! I know retail is trying to rush you into thinking it’s Christmas, but stay with me back here in the fall months. You could say that as much as I love fall, I dislike winter, so let’s love on fall before those dreaded cold months arrive. (dreaded for me anyway!)

2. Fall veggies are yummy. Many of the fall vegetables happen to be my favorites like brussel sprouts, beets, sweet potatoes and squash. There are so many different ways to prepare these healthy veggies for lunch or dinner. I love a wonderful beet salad with a variety of beet types (and colors!) and goat cheese. I also make this delicious recipe for garlicky brussel sprouts and my recipe for spaghetti squash makes for a full meal.  (And let’s not forget about fruits, apples are in season, so stock up and have one a day!)

3. Pumpkin everything! I love pumpkins. I love the color orange. I truly can’t fit it my obsession in a paragraph so look for an upcoming pumpkin blog!

4. GHD. GHD stands for good hair day! The humidity is down and so is the size of your hair, right? My hair has a mind of its own in the summer, but when fall comes, my chances for a good hair day increase big time. And although it’s a small thing, who doesn’t like a good hair day? I am a pony tail or bun-wearing girl most days …and I’ve pinned lots of cute hairstyles to my Pinterest board called My Style – check it out!

5. Perfect weather for outdoor exercise. While I love, love, love the sunshine, gone are the soaring temps of summer. And it isn’t time to layer up for winter yet, so fall is the absolute ideal season for those outdoor workouts!  Hike, bike, walk, or run. I even take some of my workout classes outside to enjoy the temps and the fresh air. Use the beautiful season to move more and see all of the fall colors.

6. Fall sports rock!  It’s hockey and football season—my two favs! Both of my boys play hockey and I’ve been watching it for 16 years, so I ‘m kind of into it. Did you see my blog on healthy game day swaps? I have some good ideas on how to keep your calories in line and still impress your family and friends at get-togethers.

7. Halloween. I love Halloween. When my kids were little I went all out on decorations. Now that my kids are grown, I still do a little.  And all the kiddos dressed in costume who trick or treat are so cute. Halloween means fun parties and well… it’s my Birthday on Halloween so I’m a little partial. 🙂 It’s just a lighthearted time and a fun holiday to celebrate!

Clearly fall is fabulous! Enjoy fall while it sticks around for another month … and tell me, what do YOU love the most about fall?

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