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My Whey Of Life

Food: Nutrition

By: // June 30, 2013

Using protein powder is just my whey of life!  Yep, every few weeks I like to write about a product I love, and I love whey protein, specifically BiPro’s brand of whey protein.

I am often asked which protein powder I use. Whey protein is my protein powder of choice, and BiPro is my favorite. I use it in my smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt and lots of other recipes.

What is whey protein and where does it come from you ask? Whey Protein is derived from milk and is considered the Gold Standard of protein powders. Casein is the other protein derived from milk but is slower to be absorbed into the body than whey. Whey protein is a complete protein containing all of the essential amino acids and is very low in cholesterol and fat, relative to other protein sources.


I recommend the BiPro brand because it is a high-quality source of whey protein with no fillers, sweeteners, bulking agents or chemicals that is easily digested and rapidly absorbed. Plus, there is no fake taste. I personally can’t stand the fake vanilla, caramel, cookies and cream flavorings. I’d rather create my own flavor with fruits.

Whey is the ideal protein source to take after a workout. Many of you already know that ingesting protein after exercise can help muscle recovery and growth. However, studies have shown that protein that includes a higher concentration of the amino acid Leucine (beneficial when it comes to muscle recovery) is the best choice if you want more bang for your buck as they say! Whey is the source of protein with the highest Leucine percentage and BiPro claims to have the highest concentration of Leucine among whey brands.

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Now if you are a vegetarian or vegan you are going to go with another protein source like organic soy, hemp or rice protein powder and I get that. But otherwise, let me go over the benefits of whey protein.

My Whey of Life

Whey protein restores and protects the body. Whey protein is a rich source of chain amino acids that have many benefits: they build and repair muscles and bones, repair body cells, provide a source of energy and regulate processes in the body related to your metabolism.

Whey protein may help you lose weight. When whey protein is combined with exercise, it can be a safe way to lose weight. The amino acid Leucine helps preserve lean muscle tissue while promoting fat loss (And I just mentioned that BiPro brand of whey has the highest concentration of Leucine among other brands.) Protein also helps to stabilize your blood glucose levels and keep you satiated to help reduce your hunger.

Whey protein can boost your immunity by providing adequate levels of the antioxidant glutathione (GSH). Your body will be better equipped to fight stress, disease and aging! The tryptophan in whey protein also works to reduce stress levels in the body.

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Whey protein is good for all ages. Protect bone and muscle loss as you age by incorporating BiPro’s whey protein into your daily diet. I have been giving it to my kids for years—especially after tough workouts to help with muscle recovery. I have been promoting it to my mom for years since seniors need to maintain bone mass and it’s an easy way to get more protein into her diet.

BiPro’s whey protein is a whey protein isolate (most pure form) so it contains between 90 to 95 percent of pure protein. It is unflavored and 100 percent natural—no strange flavors which is my pet peeve. Why would you want a brand with a bunch of chemicals and artificial flavors in it when you are trying to make your body healthy with protein? BIPRO IS gluten-free and contains no carbs, fats, sugars, or lactose—just pure whey protein. Oh yeah, and it’s NSF Certified for Sport.

Try whey protein in a smoothie after a workout for recovery and to help repair muscles or use it as an energy snack between meals to keep you feeling full—and healthy.

Whey protein powder can be easy and efficient way to supplement! Protein is a big part of getting fueled and staying fit!

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