6-Minute Smoothies E-Book


Looking to take the stress out of mornings?

Looking to feel your best and have energy all day?

Looking to include more fruits and vegetables into your diet?

Then this 6-Minute Smoothies Ebook is for you. 

I’ve been a smoothie lover for over a decade and I love to experiment with ingredients and flavors. The 6 Minute Smoothie Ebook is the ultimate guide and recipe book of delicious smoothies you can drink morning to night. 

My team and I along with our friends, the Real Food Dietitians, have worked hard to put this book together to bring you delicious and nutritious smoothies that meet your needs and are easy to make! I’ve been a fitness expert and health coach for the last 25 years and it brings me joy to help others on their health journey.

This ebook includes 26 yummy smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes that you can make in 6 minutes or less at a special price of only $12.99!  

Power your smoothies with clean protein! Receive $5 off BiPro Protein Powder when you purchase this ebook. Pick your flavor here!


6 Minute Smoothies contains everything you want to know about making smoothies. From equipment to ingredients and of course delicious recipes, this book will save you time and ensure you start your day in a healthy way. 

Anti-Aging Smoothies

Sip your way to youthful skin with these anti-aging smoothies filled with healthy ingredients that are good for your complexion, skin and so much more. 

Energizing Smoothies

Awaken your senses with one of these energy-boosting smoothies filled with protein and a punch of caffeine from ingredients like matcha and coffee.

Enlightened Smoothies

Delicious and refreshing are what these smoothies are all about. Full of antioxidants and nutrient-packed leafy greens, each one of these smoothies highlights different benefits for your healt.

Muscle Building Smoothies

Perfect for post-workout, these smoothies will replenish your body and optimize your workout. High in protein, these smoothies will fill you up after a good sweat.

Smoothie Bowls

When you want to dive right in with a spoon, these smoothie bowl recipes are super thick and creamy with delicious toppings to boot.



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