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By: // March 5, 2014

Muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, hair, and blood. No, we aren’t playing name that body part. This is the long list of components in our body that amino acid-filled protein helps build and maintain. Protein is so important! But, unlike fats and carbohydrates, it can’t be stored in the body; we need to replenish our protein supply every day. That’s why getting the proper amount of protein is crucial! The official RDA for adult men and women is 0.35 -.5g for each pound of body weight per day, which is about 55-75 grams of protein for a 150-pound person. (Athletes may eat up to 1 gram of protein per pound for the best performance and health.)

Being a fitness trainer, I’ve always been a fan of dairy as a good source of protein, especially low-fat milk. But all milk is not created equally. If you know me, you know that I’m all about responsible farming and happy cows. I was fortunate to meet the dairy farmers at fairlife and learn about their down home Midwest farm.  I got to try their new product, fairlife purely nutritious milk. Each glass of this milk has 50 percent more protein, 50 percent more calcium, and 50 percent less sugar than regular milk. Those numbers are awesome, but this is what I really love—no powders, additives, or supplements are added. It’s pure milk! Fairlife just takes the time and care to flow the milk through a Cold Filtration system which allows them to collect all of the good stuff (protein and calcium) and filters out some of the fats and sugars!

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Besides making awesome milk, fairlife is a company with high-standards and humane practices. The milk is sourced from a co-op family of farms that founded fairlife. All of their cows are treated with great care and have comfortable sand beds and freestanding stalls allowing them to walk freely. Plus, no rBST growth hormones are ever given to the animals. Also, fairlife is a pioneer in sustainable practices. They have actually invented a way to convert manure into natural gas to power their trucks. Pretty darn cool, right?

Fairlife purely nutritious milk is available in Minneapolis and Denver as of Spring 2014. To introduce the product, fairlife held a big event this past week with samples (comes in Skim, 2%, and chocolate), a smoothie bar, and a big group workout, which I was lucky enough to get to lead!


A sweaty HIIT workout before sampling the fairlife milk and smoothies!


Flexing with fairlife’s co-founder, Sue McCloskey


This is a great post-workout protein smoothie that I really loved made with fairlife purely nutritious milk:

Lean Green Protein Smoothie

  • ¾ cup fairlife purely nutritious skim milk
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 kale leaf
  • ¼ cup orange juice
  • ½ cup orange juice
  • Add a touch of honey for extra sweetness

In a blender, add all ingredients and blend on high speed. Dig in! Makes 2 servings.

Nutrition Facts: 220 calories, Total fat 4g, Protein 11g, Vitamin A 50%, Vitamin C 90%

I brought home a few bottles and I must say, my boys devoured the Chocolate milk in a day. For my boys, chocolate milk has always been a drink of choice after workouts. With 50% more protein and calcium and 50% less sugar than regular chocolate milk, this is my new favorite.

I had a fun day with the fairlife group and really enjoyed the product. Fairlife is an innovative and nutritious product that I plan to feed my family!

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