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By: Chris Freytag, CPT // December 13, 2017

Raise your hand if you’re sick of detoxes, diet fads, and marketing schemes that promise a “six pack by Saturday?” (I know I am!) Real, mature women are past the phase of wanting someone to tell them they can lose “10 pounds in 2 days.” I call BS on anyone who guarantees you can lose tons of weight or completely change your body in the span of a few days. And by the way, I know that as you get older you feel like it’s harder to see results anyway, right? SO, maybe you are following the wrong workout plan! If you want real results, you need workouts that WORK and the motivation to stick with them for longer than a weekend. If you’re anything like me, you just want a practical way to see real, tangible results. What’s the answer?

A workout program that will help strengthen your body and help burn calories, leaving you feeling energized, capable, and motivated to keep going. Our 28-Day Real Results Challenge is just that: a month-long workout program designed by REAL Get Healthy U TV trainers. We know what works when it comes to seeing real results, and we’ve designed this month-long program specifically to help you start seeing them. Now, will you drop 20 pounds? NO, because that wouldn’t be safe. But will you start to burn fat, define your muscles, and see that number on the scale start to move? You bet. Plus, along the way our trainers will be motivating you to keep going through weekly emails and inspiration!

How This 28-Day Challenge Works

The Get Healthy U TV trainers created this 28-Day Challenge to whip you into shape, challenge you, and help you develop consistent habits. By signing up for this 28-Day Trainer Challenge, you’ll get:

  • A 28-Day Workout Calendar that includes a mix of strength, cardio, low-impact, yoga, Pilates, and more to challenge your muscles, make you sweat, and start to see results.
  • A GOLD Membership to Get Healthy U TV for only $20 for your first year!

So what are you waiting for? Click below to join the challenge!

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This challenge is no walk in the park—while people of all fitness levels can do it, it’s going to challenge you so you can really develop consistent habits that give you results. Your 28 days of workouts include everything from bodyweight circuit workouts to low-impact routines, yoga, cardio kickboxing, and more! Each trainer has their specialty, and combined they make a team of trainers who can truly transform your body.

Meet Your Trainers

Your 28-Day Calendar will utilize workouts with the following trainers. Each bring their own strengths and interests to this challenge, from dance-inspired workouts to Barre classes, strength training, Pilates, and more!

Chris Freytag is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor, and Health Coach. She is also Pilates and Yoga trained. Chris has been teaching, training and writing books for the past 25 years. Her high energy and approachable personality have helped make her a nationally recognized fitness expert among viewers who watch her weekly TV segments, members who fill up her group fitness classes, readers of GHU, and online members of Get Healthy U TV. 

Lindsey Bomgren is a certified Group Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, and Barre instructor. She’s the blogger and founder behind Nourish Move Love, where she shares all her tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and fit.Through her Nourish + Move Online Training Program, real food meal plans, and 20 minute workout videos, Lindsey helps women create a lifestyle and body they love.

Leah Zahner is a Personal Trainer (NASM Certified), Group Strength Training Coach, and Pure Barre Instructor with a strong musical theater background. Leah’s workouts frequently utilize music and rhythm as well as the elements of balance, core integration, and flexibility work that helped her career as a dancer.

Kate Laing is a certified Pilates, TRX, and Yoga instructor, and a fitness addict! She has been working as a trainer and group fitness instructor for over a decade, bringing charisma, energy, and a positive attitude with her experience. Kate trains private clients and small groups at Lake Minnetonka Pilates.
Jodi Sussner is co-owner of Sussner Performance Coaching and founder of “Goals and Girl Power,” a program dedicated to boosting strength, self-esteem, and confidence in young girls. Jodi is passionate about every aspect of health and shares this through her programs, group fitness classes, videos, nutrition lectures, and coaching.

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