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By: Chris Freytag, CPT // November 4, 2019

Are you stuck in a rut? Ready to reboot your routine? Then you’re in the right place!

This 28-Day Routine Reboot Challenge is the perfect opportunity to take a good look at your current eating habits, movement goals and improve your overall routine.

Maybe you’ve been taking care of everyone else in your life and now you realize you also need to invest in yourself.

The 28-Day Routine Reboot Challenge is just what you need to get back in sync, prioritize your health and make a change.

For this challenge, the Get Healthy U TV trainers have compiled some of their best nutrition advice along with their favorite 10-minute workouts for this 28-Day Routine Reboot Challenge!

Ready to get started?

How It Works

  1. Join the challenge for free by clicking the button below.

2. Download the calendar you receive after signing up and follow along each day to start changing your routine for the better! Each day on the calendar has a clickable link! This challenge gives you 10-minute workouts lead by our GOLD trainers as well as recipes to try for every meal of the day.

Don’t think 10 minutes can make a difference?!

Think again! This challenge will show you that 10 minutes a day is not only totally possible, but can also be totally effective.

Even the busiest of us can find 10 minutes to carve out for a quick heart-pumping, calorie-burning workout. And we’re sure that when you do set aside time to sweat, you’ll be so happy you did.

Join for FREE today and reboot your routine!

Meet Your Trainers

Your 28-Day Calendar will utilize workouts with the following trainers. Each bring their own strengths and interests to this challenge, from dance-inspired workouts to Barre classes, strength training, HIIT workouts, Pilates, and more!

Chris Freytag is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor, and Health Coach. She is also Pilates and Yoga trained. Chris has been teaching, training and writing books for the past 25 years. Her high energy and approachable personality have helped make her a nationally recognized fitness expert among viewers who watch her weekly TV segments, members who fill up her group fitness classes, readers of GHU, and online members of Get Healthy U TV. 

Lindsey Bomgren is a certified Group Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, and Barre instructor. She’s the blogger and founder behind Nourish Move Love, where she shares all her tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and fit.Through her Nourish + Move Online Training Program, real food meal plans, and 20-minute workout videos, Lindsey helps women create a lifestyle and body they love.

Leah Zahner is a Personal Trainer (NASM Certified), Group Strength Training Coach, and Pure Barre Instructor with a strong musical theater background. Leah’s workouts frequently utilize music and rhythm as well as the elements of balance, core integration, and flexibility work that helped her career as a dancer.

Kate Laing is a certified Pilates, TRX, and Yoga instructor, and a fitness addict! She has been working as a trainer and group fitness instructor for over a decade, bringing charisma, energy, and a positive attitude with her experience. Kate trains private clients and small groups at Lake Minnetonka Pilates.
Shelley Hawkins
Shelley Hawkins is South African born and has lived internationally for the past 21 years, now residing in Minnesota, her fifth US state. She is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Shelley is passionate about making fitness both fun and challenging while being accessible to all levels! Her mantra is, “this is not a dress rehearsal, this is your life”.
Trainer Samantha Cameranesi standing in front of white brick wall
Sam Cameranesi is a certified yoga and [solidcore] instructor, graduating from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. Growing up as a dancer, Sam continues her passion of dance as a Head Varsity Dance Team Coach and instructor for high school dancers. She enjoys staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle! Her hope as a group fitness instructor is to spread knowledge, strength, and motivation to push you to finding the strongest version of you!

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