From Studio to Street: 6 Ways to Wear Workout Clothes All Day (Winter Edition)

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By: // November 2, 2018

Oh, to have the time of day to leisurely shower, blow dry our hair and change into a darling new outfit after every workout. But that’s just not realistic for us, and we’re guessing the same goes for you. That’s why we’re all about incorporating our activewear into put-together outfits that work for any occasion (okay, maybe not a Gala). We’ve found new ways to pair our favorite workout staples (leggings, workout headbands, tops and running shoes, to start) with winter’s best looks to keep us warm and take us from studio to street in no time flat. By starting with some workout basics in fun colors, transitioning from your workouts to the your next event doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 6 easy ways to still look refined this winter after even the most intense sweat session:

Clothes including a winter jacket, winter boots, leggings, and more.

1.From Pilates to Party

Pilates is perfect for on-the-go women: it’s a sure-fire way to tone up and see positive results and you have an excuse to wear adorable workout clothes. Take a colored legging and workout top to the studio and march out with an oversized sweater and closed-toes booties for a chic (and warm!) look.

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2.From Weights to Work

Like getting your workout in right away in the morning? Then make sure you’re wearing black leggings and a neutral colored workout top that can easily pair with a blazer and some shiny accessories for a totally appropriate weight to work look.

3.From Running Laps to Running Errands

Need to run errands after your workout? Make sure to pack a warm jacket and heavy-duty boots in your gym bag to throw over a cute tee and save your yoga pants from snow and salt!

4.From Cardio to Chill

Having a girls night in? Make sure to get your cardio in for the day so you can feel better about lounging around in front of Netflix all night. Wanna feel even better? Throw on a cute baseball tee and easy-to-lounge in joggers with a fun headband for a perfectly transferable look.

5.From Down Dog to Downtown

Yoga has so many healing benefits. From naturally detoxifying, alleviating pain and helping you sleep better, getting a yoga session in is never a bad idea. And now you have an outfit you can sport from down dog to downtown! Grab a pair of faux leather yoga pants and your cutest workout top for your practice, and then sport a stylish coat and heel for a night out!

6.From CrossFit to Cross Town

There’s no messing around at CrossFit so be sure to have a sturdy pair of leggings, such as these bright colored ones from LuluLemon, and a good pair of sneakers. Afterward, toss this adorable jacket on and an infinity scarf to make your way back to the rest of your day: whether that means a walk with the dog or going to the grocery store.

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Leggings look great if you're young and in shape but not quite on someone who is older and overweight. What workout clothes should we wear that looks better than big baggy sweats but doesn't look silly like we're wearing our granddaughter's active wear?

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