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Success Story: Angie Lost 28 Pounds!

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Age: 38 Height: 5'5"
Starting Size: 12 Current Size: 41798
Starting Weight: 168 Current Weight: 140
Weight Loss: 28

Success Story Angie from Orono, MN wrote:

“I began training with Chris 8 years ago, at the age of 30. Prior to my training with Chris I had only done sporadic cardiovascular exercises that included running and walking. Having put on over 60 pounds of pregnancy weight with my first 2 daughters, I was not happy. I was able to get some of the weight off but was never able to get toned and I knew my posture was poor.

I began working with Chris twice a week and that is when my transformation began. Chris introduced me to strength training, which I never had done before. The results were so exciting to me and the confidence that came with my transformation made me feel better than ever. Chris made me realize that strength training is critical to any exercise program. Because of Chris’s fun workouts and motivation, I was able to get into great shape for the first time in my life. Chris’ s programs both in her classes and personal training sessions educated me beyond what I ever had thought I would learn, she made it easy and I gained the motivation to workout at the health club or home even as a busy mother of 3. (Yes, I had another daughter but Chris helped me keep the third pregnancy in line.)

I continue to work out regularly. Chris got me hooked on group fitness. I love doing the classes with the strength and cardio mixed. And I have her videos to use at home. Working with Chris changed my life by building my confidence, transforming my body and helping my posture. I feel better, stronger and healthier than I ever have. It’s been 8 years so it’s obvious – it’s a way of life!”

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