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Success Story: Cherie Lost 90 Pounds!

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Success Story: Cherie Heckel

Age: 41

Height: 5’9”

Starting Weight: 282.5 lbs

Current Weight: 192.2 lbs

Cherie lost 90 pounds and so can you! #successstory #gethealthyu

The Why To My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey started last August 2014 when I went to my annual physicians check-up and the doctor informed me I was pre-diabetic. I knew I couldn’t just sit there and accept what my predicted future was going to be, I had to do something. My first step was finding a supportive network. I knew if I wanted to keep myself consistent I would need accountability and what better way to do so then through social media. Fortunately, I found a friend on Facebook who inspired me to start progressing towards my journey. She shared her struggles and triumphs and helped me get in the mindset that I too, can lose the weight and make a lifestyle change. I first began on the Atkins diet, which helped me shed off the initial pounds.

Finding Get Healthy U

As I started to notice the weight coming off, I became even more motivated to keep my progress going. I knew working out would help me, but I knew I was short on time and wanted to find a budget-friendly way to incorporate exercise so I didn’t have to pay an expensive gym dues. I searched online workouts and motivation and found Chris Freytag’s website, Get Healthy U. I have been a dedicated follower for six months now and absolutely love the free workouts and recipes posted daily on Get Healthy U and Facebook. The content posted on the website is relatable to any fitness level. I have already printed out the 28-Day Lunge-A-Palooza Challenge and will be having this challenge hold me accountable throughout the month of June.

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Typical Day During Weight-Loss

I would start my days waking up at 6 AM before work and would mainly work on strengthening my core. If I was not able to workout in the morning, I would take cardio kickboxing after work in the afternoon. I always try to eat a healthy, wholesome breakfast because it makes me feel energized and focused for the rest of my day. Other than that, I increased my intake of lean meats and fish, vegetables and most importantly, water. I noticed the more water I drank, the less likely I was to “bored eat” and the more balanced I felt.

Rewards of Shedding Weight and Gaining Strength

I cannot begin to describe the amount of energy and confidence I feel ever since I decided to become healthier. All I wanted to do previous to my weight-loss journey was sit and sleep. I never wanted to go out in public; I’d decline invites to hangout with friends. I now have a new found sense of confidence; I am comfortable in public, I feel secure in my clothes, and feel like I am take on whatever life throws at me.

Cherie’s Top Tips To Lose Weight and Gain Strength

My best piece of advice is to have the mindset to make a change and stick with it. Consistency is key, and the little choices do add up. There will be times when you feel discouraged, we all do, but what will make or break your success is if you get up from where you left off. There is no need to do extreme fixes when you mess up but rather just keep progressing and moving forward.

Cherie lost 90 pounds and so can you! #successstory #gethealthyu

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