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Success Story: Janine Lost 20 Pounds!

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Success Story: Janine DiCostanzo

From: Randolph, New Jersey

Age: 41

Height: 5’6”

Weight Loss: 20 pounds

Beginning Weight: 150

Ending Weight:130

Size: 8 to 4

Before I lost weight, I had wide hips and a small waist. It was always difficult for me to find proper fitting pants because I needed to go up an extra size to accommodate my hips. Whenever I had to move to the larger sizes in pants, the waist was ridiculously huge. When I hit 40, it seemed like the weight was harder to come off.

I tried walking and not eating after 7 p.m. In the past, those two things always worked in shedding the extra pounds, but now it was not helping. I knew I needed to do something else, but I really felt that I would never lose the weight again. Then, after a visit for my annual checkup, the scale revealed that I hit the 150 mark. I never had been that weight, unless I was pregnant. Usually, I hovered around 140.

Having to care for three kids, a home and husband, I found it very hard to find the time to tackle my increasing weight by going to a gym. When I found Chris Freytag on Exercise TV, I started doing her 20-minute lower body workouts three to six days a week and eliminated my poor eating habits. I gave up eating white flour and cleaned up my eating with fruits, vegetables, and only 100% whole wheat pasta, bread, crackers.

I was able to do my 10 lb. Slimdown Xtreme workouts when it was convenient for me because I did not have to run off to some gym. Soon after I began doing Chris’s lower body workouts, my overall body changed. The weight started to come off and by December I was down 17 pounds. To my surprise, the dreaded hips started to slim down as well. My body was becoming much more proportionate, making my new pant size between a 4-6 from my previous size 8-10 range.

Chris gave me the tools I needed to change my body and she became even more of a help when I found her on Facebook. Whenever I had a workout problem, I would reach out to her and in the same day, she would answer any questions I had. I felt like I had my own personal trainer. I know I could never have been able to become fit at 40 without Chris’s workouts and help.

Today I continue to work out using Chris Freytag’s 10lb. Slimdown Xtreme workouts, and I continue to eat clean.  I now feel like I have taken control of my weight, my life and my body. I owe it all to Chris.


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