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Success Story: Lori Lost 44 Pounds!

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Success Story: Lori Werdin, Fairbanks, Alaska

Age: 42

Height:  5′ 4”

Weight Lost: 44 lbs

Size Before & After: 16, Now:  6

Weight Before & After:  180, Now: 136

Three years ago I started to lose weight after slowly gaining 40 pounds through three pregnancies.  I lost 20 pounds fairly quickly with some diet modifications and aerobic classes through work.  Then my life turned upside down and inside out.  I found myself on my own with my three small children, without a home or job.  My friends and family kept telling me to take care of myself, eat, breathe and exercise, but it seemed impossible. At the same time, I knew I had to keep myself going and healthy for my 7, 5 and 2 year old children.   As hard as it was, I also realized I had a chance to change everything, and that was the path I decided to follow.

I have always been athletic and enjoyed working out, swimming and biking.  I always loathed and even made fun of exercise DVDs!  But, when I found myself on my own as a parent, going to the gym, or taking a walk or bike ride wasn’t an option.  The DVD workouts were perfect for me to sneak in a workout after the children had gone to bed.  They were affordable and fit my schedule.

I found Chris’ Prevention DVDs at the library.  I was checking out a lot of different workouts and DVDs, but I enjoyed Chris’ workouts and personality as an instructor.  I was always so excited when I found a new one on the shelf! I also introduced Chris’ workouts to my sister, who then found Chris’s 10lbs Slimdown Xtreme. Now we are both hooked!

I quickly realized how much exercising helped me emotionally as I tried to step into the light from the darkness trying to consume me.  I noticed that if I didn’t exercise, the next day I was an emotional wreck.  I started sleeping again and my body calmed down.  Physically I was becoming more fit and emotionally I was able to stabilize myself.  Exercise cleared my head and lifted my spirit.  At this point, I wasn’t exercising to lose weight or become fit; I was exercising so I could make it through the day. Today  exercise is a priority, not an option.

I love that Chris does entire workouts sweating and smiling with you as she instructs.  Her cues are terrific. The workouts have incredible variety, but they are easy to follow and you feel successful doing them.  Chris has a passion for health and fitness that is contagious. When you look at her, she is beautiful, fit and powerful, which is very motivating!  I love it when she says, “Yes You Can.”

When I first started, I loved Walk Yourself Fit and Fight Cellulite Fast.  Now that I am at a higher fitness level, I love the Total Body, Kickboxing and the Bonus Abs workouts from Chris’s 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme series.   When I really want a challenge, nothing beats the Lower Body Recovery! Yowza!

I changed my eating habits too. I limited my sugar intake and increased my fruits and vegetables.  I consciously started looking at sweets and junk food as just that—trash!  I now look for new healthy food and combinations to try, and I focus on the good things that I can have.  I started logging my food intake and keeping track of calories for the first time in my life.  It helps me with my portion sizes and to understand which foods are high in calories, and how many calories I burned with exercise.  My sister and I tracked our food together, keeping tabs on one another.  Her support really held me accountable and made the process fun.

I have learned so much about myself with my weight loss journey. I am more comfortable with my body and I love being able to shed bad moods and tension, and set myself up for a great day ahead.  My physical health is much improved and I have so much more energy.  I am so much healthier and happier!

I enjoy doing Chris’s workouts because of her personality and encouragement.  She provides a perfect combination of energy, challenge and sincere kindness.  I was already beat up emotionally, and working out with Chris in my tiny apartment was like having a friend there helping me heal my body and soul.

Chris has made a difference to me and I am grateful.

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