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Success Story: Joni Lost 85 Pounds!

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Age: 45 Height: 5'6
Starting Size: 24 Current Size: 41798
Starting Weight: 230 Current Weight: 145
Weight Loss: 85

Success Story Joni from Medina, MN wrote:

“Last year I turned 45 years old and I looked in the mirror and thought what I am going to do for the next 30 years. Our only daughter got married, moved out, and got a teaching job. Our son is a senior in high school looking at colleges to move on with his life. My husband of 24 years has a very active life motorcycling, hiking, and being outdoors. I have always put everyone first, from family to volunteering, and I forgot about time for me. Weighing in at 230 pounds, trying every fad diet that came along, and joining a health club that wouldn’t help me because I was too over weight. I would find that the lowest I could get was 180 pounds and then I would eat my way right back to 230 pounds.

In February of 2007 my mom of 66 years old had brain surgery at Methodist hospital. While in surgery for 12 hours, I really thought long and hard about my health. I have watched Chris on Kare 11 NBC for years and always loved to her tips and advice. When I cam upon her Fitness DVDs – it clicked – I decided to give her a try. I decided to buy the Walk Yourself Fit DVD and two other Chris Freytag DVDs. Little did I know that these DVDs would change my life.

I have never been a person that liked to workout or diet. I couldn’t get myself to stick with it. My knees always hurt when I would walk and little did I know that that pain would go away with the weight loss. I loved food then and I still love food now. I have learned from Chris’s advice how important exercise is along with nutrition. I have had to regroup my mind on what my body should eat. People ask me, “What miracle diet are you on?” and I respond with, “The Chris Freytag workouts, limited pop and bread, and lots gum diet.” I started following her advice of eating CLEAN– eat more real food and less preservatives, additives and sugar – and I started feeling better.

I have been doing the Chris Freytag workouts faithfully, without missing a single day since June of 2007. The DVDs are so easy to bring with you everywhere you go. My husband and I like to motorcycle, so I bring the portable DVD player and the video to every hotel room and every vacation. Chris doesn’t know my family, but through her DVDs she has traveled with us to Mexico, Colorado, and my husband says, “Good morning Chris” everyday as I work out!

As the weight came off, I knew that muscle tone was key. In order to keep my metabolism up and tone up my loose skin, I pumped up the weight training. I do her body shaping segment on the DVD and love it. I am determined to sculpt my arms even more.

I did not know Chris personally (but now I do!), but through Motivation Monday, her DVDs and her encouraging and engaging personality, my life has been changed. I am 5’6″ and was in size 24 and weighed 230 pounds and now I am down to size 6-8 and weigh 145 pounds. I am so thankful for her dedication to fitness and to helping other people be fit for life.”

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