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Success Story: Jourdyn lost 68 pounds!

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Age: 37 Height: 5'6
Starting Size: 18 Current Size: 41861
Starting Weight: 218 Current Weight: 150
Weight Loss: 68

Success Story Jourdyn Kelly from Texas wrote:

“I went to a semi-formal party where there was a professional photographer. When the photos were posted on Facebook, I saw myself and thought, That can’t possibly be me. Then I saw other pictures of me in a bathing suit at the pool. I was completely embarrassed. Always having a weight issue, I finally decided it was time to get serious about losing the weight and being happy with myself.

I didn’t work out with any kind of gusto before last year. Being uncomfortable with myself and how I looked, I felt more comfortable exercising with DVDs than going to a gym. It was also easier for me to do the DVDs because it was on my terms and wasn’t a lot of money.

Next- I found Chris and her 10 lb Slimdown Xtreme and her DVD system has been one of the best investments I’ve made. I enjoy her personality and her motivation during the workouts and I was instantly hooked. I never thought I’d say this about working out, but Chris makes the workouts fun. I feel like she does the workouts with me. Plus, the workouts not only target cardio, but also strength training. I love the workout plan and how I feel invigorated, sore and accomplished after. Seeing how my body was changing motivated me to stick with the program. Friends complimented me and told me how much happier I seem.

My favorite workout is the Total Body Xtreme Workout. I feel an overall satisfaction of hitting every muscle and being gloriously sore all over. It’s also very challenging, which I love, but they’re not so difficult that I feel discouraged. Chris doesn’t bark at me or make me feel bad about myself. I feel like Chris does the workouts with me. I also LOVE the variety. I don’t get bored.

I do follow Chris’s Healthy Eating Guide because I’m a foodie, and even though I never thought I ate too much, I realized what I was eating was not healthy. Now I am more educated about the foods I should be eating. I cook my meals instead of going out, and if I do go out, I make better choices. I have gained the confidence I’ve never had by losing weight. I am happier and no longer embarrassed when buying clothes. I also had chronic back problems, was pigeon toed and had bad posture. My back problems are gone. I’m more flexible and strong. My toes are no longer ‘pigeoned’ (unless I’m doing the screaming pigeon in yoga) and I walk taller and stronger.

One of the best conversations I’ve had recently:
Daisy: “Do you feel different now that you’re skinny?”
Me: “Yes, I feel more confident. Do I seem different?”
Daisy: “You walk different. You’re not pigeon toed and you stand up straight. You don’t shuffle anymore.”
I don’t shuffle or look down at my feet while I walk now—all a result of this journey!!”

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