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Success Story: Lori Lost 72 Pounds!

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Age: 39 Height: 5'3
Starting Size: 14 or higher Current Size: 41642
Starting Weight: 185 Current Weight: 113
Weight Loss: 72

Success Story Lori B. from Albuquerque, NM wrote:

“I “discovered” Chris with her first Prevention DVD. I now own all of the ones she has made for Prevention and have read Chris’ books. A lot of my “Chris” DVD’s are actually on loan right now as I recommend her to all of my friends. Her “Walk Yourself Fit” DVD seems to be a favorite for all my friends who are trying to kick start their fitness programs and several have gone on to buy their own copies.

I started my journey of weight loss at 5’3″, 185 pounds and through adapting exercise and healthy eating into my life. I lost 72 pounds and currently weight 113 pounds feeling better than ever! Chris and her DVD’s were a big part of my journey. I immediately loved her for her personality, beauty, fit body and innovative workouts. I always tell my friends that her personality is just the right mix of encouragement without being too “cheerleady” (for some people it seems too much happiness in an instructor turns them off while exercising). I was amazed at how unique her workouts were and just challenging enough to feel like you’ve really done something, but not so challenging you dreaded doing them. I went on to be a subscriber to Prevention magazine as a result of her DVDs. I can’t say enough about Chris except that she is a wonderful fitness leader and it sounds like a beautiful person on the inside, also. I know it sure brightens my day to put in one of her DVD’s and have Chris as my own personal trainer.

Now when people tell me how “tiny” I am, inside I thrill at hearing that as I have never in my lifetime heard that before (even in high school I averaged a size 7-9 or higher). But, I know what it takes and try to pass that along to others, wanting them to experience what it feels like to be strong and healthy. Chris has played a vital role in that as she keeps me going and motivated. Before Chris I can’t say there was much to choose from for good instructors. She is amazing and a definite lifesaver for me and I am sure millions of others!! I am always excited when she has a new DVD and race to buy it.”

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